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What are Marble Pavers?

Marble pavers are elegant, durable stones used in outdoor landscaping to create stunning walkways, patios, and driveways. Their unique veining and array of colors add a touch of luxury to any space. Resistant to weathering, they maintain their allure for years. Wondering how marble pavers can transform your outdoor area? Let's explore their timeless beauty and practical benefits.
Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

Marble pavers are interlocking pieces of marble that may be used for patios, walkways, swimming pool areas and driveways. Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been crystallized; it can be highly polished and is often found in sculptures and buildings. Quite often the marble pavers used for landscaping purposes are of the tumbled variety, which tend to be an attractive alternative to concrete because they add texture and color. This type of paver is fashioned by compressing smaller marble pieces together, with the end product being a stone that has a slightly softer rounded surface. On the other hand, marble tiles also are used in different applications around the yard to create special effects with their shiny surfaces.

The softer, rounded surface of tumbled marble makes for a popular choice when it comes to outdoor areas because it is usually considered more resilient and durable than concrete or brick. Since marble is a natural stone, the colors usually will not fade under extreme weather conditions, unlike many manufactured paving products. This type of stone usually will not stain and may only require occasional rinsing with water to keep it clean.


Tumbled marble pavers tend to be a popular choice around a swimming pool because they are usually skid resistant and stay cool, unlike a cement surface, which may get quite hot in the summer sun. They also may lend an elegance poolside and are often combined with other types of natural stonework, such as granite, to create unique inlays and color patterns. Marble pavers typically come in dusty white, but there are many other earthy hues such as gold, rose, and walnut as well as more striking colors such as dark blue or black that also are available.

The use of marble pavers to create a designer driveway is sometimes a popular choice with environmentally conscious homeowners because marble is a natural rock. Sometimes the choice to install pavers in a driveway is made in an effort to change the curb appeal of a home. When pavers are installed, flanked by an impeccable green lawn or colorful flower gardens, the contrast may be a stunning and attractive alternative to asphalt.

When a homeowner wants to change the look of an outdoor area, be it a patio or poolside, tumbled marble pavers may transform a dull lackluster cement area to an upscale work of art. The installation of this kind of stonework may add both value and aesthetic appeal to almost any outside space. When this kind of paver is combined with marble tiles in designer patterns, a backyard may be transformed into a Mediterranean oasis with meandering paths, rose-colored walkways and serene patios meant for lounging.

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