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How do I Make a Tuscan Living Room?

Creating a Tuscan living room involves embracing rustic elegance. Start with earthy, warm tones for your walls and floors. Incorporate natural materials like stone and wood, and choose furniture with old-world charm. Add wrought iron accents and pottery for a touch of artisanal craftsmanship. Textured fabrics and vintage pieces complete the look. Wondering which Tuscan details will transform your space? Read on to discover how to bring Tuscany home.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Creating a Tuscan living room can be done on even the smallest budget. The main idea is to make a rustic, comfortable space that has the ambiance of the Italian countryside. Warm rich colors, natural textures and accent pieces with the flavor of old world Italy can bring the rustic, relaxing charm of Tuscan style into your living space.

If possible, use metal or even wood couches and chairs. You can make them comfortable by adding thick cushions with upholstery in a warm shade such as caramel, brick red or gold. If you have a fireplace in your living room, it can make a good focal point to help create a Tuscan-inspired space.

Wine racks can be decorative and functional.
Wine racks can be decorative and functional.

Terracotta plant pots and copper pitchers can make earthy fireplace accents. If you have room near doorways, placing a large, terracotta or ceramic vase on the floor there can look very Tuscan. A painting or picture inspired by Italian vineyards could be placed over the fireplace or elsewhere in your Tuscan living room.

Other accessory ideas for a Tuscan-themed living space are Italian plates displayed in a wrought iron plate holder and warm-toned metal bowls or vases in the room. The element of metal is an important addition to a Tuscan living room. Gold, copper, bronze and black metal furniture and accessories can work well in capturing the rustic elegance of a Tuscan space. Wrought iron lamp bases or light fixtures work much better than modern lighting in this type of Italian living room.

A fireplace can be the focal point of a Tuscan-style living room.
A fireplace can be the focal point of a Tuscan-style living room.

Any type of neutral or rich, yet subdued, warm colors suit the Tuscan style. Your accent colors may include burgundy, olive green, peach or teal. A great way to find colors you love for your Tuscan living room is to take them from favorite Italian artwork or tapestries. Italian wall hangings and art glass pieces can make ideal accents for a Tuscan-inspired room. Adding a wood or metal wine rack with Italian wines can be a great touch.

Faux-painting your walls to look like swirls of stucco or terracotta can really make your Tuscan living room look realistic. Stone walls, or faux-stone, are also ideal for Tuscan-themed living rooms. If you'd rather just paint your walls flat, without texture, be sure to choose a warm color. Anything too cool may detract from the rustic earthiness you're trying to create. If possible a stone, or stone-look, floor would be preferable to carpet in a Tuscan living space; you can add warmth with thick area rugs or mats.

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My great grandmother had a lovely Tuscan style living room, and it was quite good for children. I remember we didn't have to worry too much about spilling things on the wood floor, like we did at home, because it could just be wiped up (although we had to be careful about avoiding her rug!). And her furniture was also made of wood with some cushions she had made herself so as long as we removed the cushions we could play games all over the furniture.

I think for a family with kids a Tuscan theme is a great idea for a living room. I certainly only have happy memories of it.


You might want to consider making your garden with a Tuscan theme as well, particularly any space which is visible from your Tuscan living room. Pictures are lovely, but no substitute for a living garden.

And it can be done simply. You don't have to have the elaborate hedge designs that often spring to mind when you think of Tuscany.

A lovely, informal herb garden, or perhaps a wild flower garden with poppies and rosemary would do just as well.

One important thing to consider is making sure it will have something to look at all year around, but other than that, you can use your imagination!

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    • Wine racks can be decorative and functional.
      By: nikitos77
      Wine racks can be decorative and functional.
    • A fireplace can be the focal point of a Tuscan-style living room.
      By: nyul
      A fireplace can be the focal point of a Tuscan-style living room.