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What are the Pros and Cons of PVC Curtains?

PVC curtains offer an affordable, durable solution for dividing spaces and maintaining temperature control. They're easy to clean and install, providing a flexible barrier against dust and noise. However, they can emit harmful chemicals and may not suit all aesthetic preferences. Considering their impact on your space and well-being? Let's explore how PVC curtains can fit into your environment.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A main pro of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) curtains is their relatively low cost. One of the major cons of these curtains is that they tend to look cheap, as they are plastic rather than fabric. PVC curtains have a strong advantage though in that they are available in many different types used in both commercial and residential applications.

Transparent PVC curtains have the pro of being suitable for outdoor use. They can be hung around a porch to enclose it for much lower of a cost than adding glass. Yet, the con of this look is that it lacks the glamour of more permanent glass windows. Clear PVC curtain varieties used outdoors though can provide a temporary enclosure that provides many of the features of much more expensive glass versions.

PVC curtains can look cheap.
PVC curtains can look cheap.

For one thing, transparent PVC allows a fairly clear view. Another strong pro, or advantage, of this material is that it keeps out flying insects. This feature is desirable not only on a home porch, but also necessary in food processing plants where PVC curtains are commonly used. PVC curtains also keep in heat, which is one of the main reasons they are used in commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories which can be drafty. PVC commercial curtains are also available in wide sizes to fit large doorways.

A disadvantage, or con, of some thinner types of PVC curtain styles is that they may tear, but thicker styles such as commercial and marine grades are usually available at cost effective prices. While most industries use transparent strip PVC curtains, a pro for home dwellers is that there are many versions of these in a wide array of colors and textures.

Neutral-colored PVC home interior strip curtain styles with an overall embossed texture can look as attractive as many metal window blinds. They often have the pro of being easy to open and close. Most of these home PVC strip styles are large enough to fit sliding glass patio doors which is a pro for many people who have them. If the PVC strips are styled so they are hanging loosely at the bottom, the resident can still exit and enter the open patio door without damaging the curtain, even if the curtains are closed. One con that bothers some people about these types of indoor PVC curtains is that their odor, especially when first unpacked out of the packaging, can be especially strong and unappealing as they're made from synthetic materials.

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I don't think there are any cons. The PVC Strip curtains are the best when compared with doors in factories. They are flexible and very easy to use in godowns and for warehouse curtains.


I have just got installed them in my living room and the odor they spread is very bad. I guess this odor will subside over a period of time.

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    • PVC curtains can look cheap.
      By: belikov
      PVC curtains can look cheap.