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What Are the Different Types of Window Blinds?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

When looking for window coverings, many people turn to window blinds as their purchase of choice. Window blinds are popular for a variety of reasons, including relative ease of installation, their ability to match most style of home d├ęcor, their practicality and their relatively low cost, which can come in handy when window coverings are needed for many windows. A variety of choices are available to an individual looking to purchase window blinds. He or she might choose from vertical or horizontal blinds, slat blinds or solid blinds.

One of the first determining factors that an individual faces when purchasing window blinds is whether he or she wants vertical or horizontal blinds. This is a personal preference, but most people choose vertical blinds for large spaces such as sliding glass doors and horizontal blinds for windows. Vertical blinds are easier to control and have less weight to them than horizontal blinds do, making them a good choice for larger spaces. Sometimes vertical blinds are made out of more flexible and lightweight material than horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are a common choice for windows.
Horizontal blinds are a common choice for windows.

Slat blinds, which come in either regular or mini blind sizes, are what many people are used to purchasing. Many people enjoy mini blinds because they are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and are available for purchase and installation at many stores. Most of the time, a professional is not needed to install mini blinds, further saving money. Some people opt to have wider slat blinds, which are made out of plastic or wood and ranging in size from 2-4 inches (5.08-10.16 cm). These look beautiful in many windows but are more expensive and typically require a consultation and professional installation.

Solid blinds are window blinds that are made of one solid piece of material, instead of slats. These blinds tend to do a better job at keeping outside temperatures and sunlight out of a room. Solid blinds might be a beautiful addition to many homes because they come in a variety of colors and materials and can be pulled up into a gathered look or rolled up and secured open.

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@Animandel - I agree with you about the cheap mini window blinds. They are difficult to clean, and I can't tell you how many sets I have had to throw away because of the ends of slats breaking off. You should try the wooden ones. They are more expensive, but they hold up longer and they look much better.


I have always bought those cheap window blinds, and they work well enough, but they can be a headache to keep clean. The beige ones and the white ones really show the dust. They attract dust like crazy.

They also aren't that durable, so when you have kids who like to open and close them or push them aside and look out the window they may not last as long as you would like for them to last.

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    • Horizontal blinds are a common choice for windows.
      By: GIS
      Horizontal blinds are a common choice for windows.