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What are the Different Types of Wall Decor?

Wall decor can transform any space, offering a reflection of personal style. From classic framed art and vibrant tapestries to modern 3D sculptures and rustic wood signs, the possibilities are endless. Each type adds texture, color, and character to your home. Curious about which decor speaks to you? Dive deeper to discover how to make your walls truly your own.
B. Miller
B. Miller

There are many different types of wall decor that may be used to decorate a home, office, workshop, or other area in which decorations are needed. These include framed pictures, such as paintings or photographs, which may be purchased for a price, or even simply created by friends or family members. Additional types of decor, such as tapestries or stained glass wall hangings, are another option to add visual interest. More prominent types of wall decor, such as vinyl wall decals, can change the entire look of a room, and make it look as if the design is actually part of the paint, but can typically be easily removed when leaving.

Framed pictures are some of the most common and popular options for wall decor because so many different options exist. It is possible to give a room a modern or traditional look simply by changing the frame or the subject of the picture in the frame. Paintings, prints, or drawings are all options for this type of framed wall decor; some families choose to frame their child's artwork and create decor that way. Framed photographs of family and friends, or even nature images or landscapes, if someone enjoys photography, can also be excellent options for decorating the walls in a home.

Nature photographs could be used for as wall decor.
Nature photographs could be used for as wall decor.

Plenty of options for wall decor exist other than framed pictures, however. Tapestries or quilts make great wall decorations, often with sentimental meanings, and can help a room to feel warm and cozy. Stained glass wall hangings are another good option that are slightly different than framed pictures, and are available many different colors and designs to suit different decor. Kids often enjoy hanging posters on their walls as well, though it is important to use thumbtacks rather than tape, which can pull the paint off the walls.

Paintings add a classic touch to a room's decor.
Paintings add a classic touch to a room's decor.

Vinyl wall decals can be another great choice for wall decor. These are available in many different types of designs, such as nature images or inspirational quotes, among many others. They are typically applied directly to the wall and remain there until they are removed; they can usually only be used once, but are designed not to damage the paint during removal, making them a good choice for apartments. Though these are popular for creating murals in children's rooms, they may be used to add dramatic visual interest to any area in the home. There are many different designs, both pre-made and custom designed, available online.

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My family members' tastes in wall décor vary greatly. My parents prefer to hang photographs on their walls, but my sister only hangs oil paintings that she buys at art fairs.

My brother exclusively hangs artwork done by his children on his living room wall, and my older sister does all her own artwork and displays it all over her house.

Personally, I like things like decorative clocks and painted wooden shapes. For my bathroom wall décor, I have an airbrushed wooden palm tree. It fades from yellow to orange to green, and it is covered in glitter.

I have a clock that I bought mostly because it was beautiful. It has twisted metal branches protruding from all around the middle. I usually use digital clocks to tell time, but this roman numeral clock really appealed to me visually.


@cloudel – I like metal wall decor, as well. It seems that lately, I have been seeing it on the shelves of every home décor shop I have visited.

I have a metal vine with leaves and blossoms. It is spray-painted green, and the highlights and shadows have also been painted onto it. The flowers are cream-colored with gray shadows and details.

I also love decorative mirrors. I have a mirror with a metal frame that has square color blocks staggered around it, making it very asymmetrical. The color appears to have been airbrushed, so the metal shows through a little.


@shell4life – That sounds like it would be very pretty. I like unique wall art. The less typical it looks, the better.

I have a large metal dragonfly on my wall. It is nearly as big as I am. It has been spray-painted a rusty brown color, and it is very striking.

I love wall décor that captures your attention and won't let you look away. That is definitely what the massive metal dragonfly does. I will probably be adding a butterfly of the same design to my wall in the near future.

I prefer three-dimensional art that protrudes from the wall over two-dimensional paintings and photos. You won't find any posters or paintings in my home.


I have a friend who makes unique wall décor. I saw a picture this morning of a decoration she made in the shape of a cross. It is made up of eight flower shapes.

She used empty toilet paper rolls as the frame. She cut them open and folded some in half to make petals. She used others as round centers for the flowers.

To avoid showing that her decoration was made from toilet paper rolls, she spray-painted the entire thing and backed it with colored paper. When you view it from the front, it looks like wire-framed purple flowers.

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    • Nature photographs could be used for as wall decor.
      By: magann
      Nature photographs could be used for as wall decor.
    • Paintings add a classic touch to a room's decor.
      By: Barbara Helgason
      Paintings add a classic touch to a room's decor.
    • In a child's room, it's often wise to choose removable decals that reflect the child's current interests.
      By: Iriana Shiyan
      In a child's room, it's often wise to choose removable decals that reflect the child's current interests.