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What is a Wrought Iron Wall Grille?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

A wrought iron wall grille is a decorative accent that is hung on a wall in a home or office. Wall grilles come in a multitude of styles and sizes and can match almost any decor. In 2011, they are a popular trend in home decorating and can be found in most stores that sell home decor items or home furnishings as well as online. Wrought iron wall art pieces can also be custom made to suit individual needs, style, or size requirements.

Black is the most common color for a wrought iron wall grille, but they can be white, dark brown, copper or bronze. They also come in many different shapes, including rectangular, square, and round, although many grilles don't have traditional shapes since the scroll work gives it a unique shape and style. The key element of a wall grille is the scroll work, and wrought iron is a metal known for having pieces of metal that twist and turn. When used to make wall art, the wrought iron is bent into many different scrolled shapes. Generally, the more scrolls the piece has the more ornate it is considered to be.

A wrought iron wall grille.
A wrought iron wall grille.

Wall grilles come in all sizes from small to extra large. Small wall grilles are often hung alone on a small wall, used as an accent, or placed to complement other items hanging on the wall. A large wrought iron wall grille can be hung in a large space without any other decorations. Popular places for hanging large wall grilles are over couches, beds, or fireplaces.

Sometimes several wall grilles are hung together to create a larger wall hanging. For instance, four small square grills can be hung two over two, four across, or four up and down. When several wrought iron wall grilles are hung together, they usually are all the same size and shape, and although they do not have to be identical, they should be similar in style.

Since they are made out of metal, large wrought iron wall grilles can be heavy and cumbersome. The wall on which one of these large grilles is placed must be able support the grille's weight, and proper mounting anchors and hangers must be used. Otherwise, the grille might pull away from or fall completely off the wall, resulting in damage to the wall or the grille. If the piece is both large and heavy, two people may be required to hang it.

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    • A wrought iron wall grille.
      By: Polina Kobycheva
      A wrought iron wall grille.