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What Are the Different Types of Hallway Storage?

Hallway storage solutions come in various forms, from sleek wall-mounted shelves to elegant console tables and versatile coat racks. Each type offers unique functionality, transforming cluttered passageways into organized, welcoming spaces. Discover the perfect blend of style and practicality for your home. Curious about maximizing your hallway's potential? Let's explore the possibilities together.
M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet

Limited square footage combined with a status as a space for shedding shoes, outerwear, and mail can often turn a hallway into a cluttered mess. Luckily, there are several different types of hallway storage which can conceal clutter while adding style. Popular hallway storage options include benches, coat racks, and shelving units. Sometimes, the best hallway storage solutions are those conceived “outside the box.”

One of the most popular hallway storage options is a bench unit with a lifting seat. These units, available from many general merchandise, furniture, and home improvement retailers, offer a large space in which items like boots and backpacks can be hidden. In addition, they provide a place to sit while putting on one’s shoes. Sometimes they feature a tall, mirrored back, which can create an illusion of additional space in a hallway as well as allowing family members to check their appearance as they leave the house.

Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.

Freestanding coat racks are another common hallway storage choice. These units allow householders to hang their coats in such a way that they can be easily accessed later. On the downside, an overloaded coat rack can look messy, and a unit which is not secured to the floor or the wall can be dangerous in households with small children.

Shelving units can also make a good hallway storage option. Depending on personal taste, a homeowner can choose freestanding shelves or wall-mounted units. Upper shelves can be used to display photos and books, adding a decorative element to a hallway. Lower shelves can be lined with baskets or boxes in which small pieces of outwear like gloves and hats can be hidden. In very narrow hallways, homeowners should take care to select shallow shelving units to conserve space.

The area beneath a staircase can be used as storage space.
The area beneath a staircase can be used as storage space.

Sometimes, the most effective hallway storage solutions are those which involve thinking “outside the box.” For instance, many tables designated for hallway use offer little or no concealed storage space. Instead of purchasing a table intended for the hallway, consider sourcing a piece of furniture which would normally be used in another room. A tall dresser, for example, provides a flat surface on which to place mail and keys while simultaneously offering drawers into which winter gear can be tucked.

Often, a staircase leading to an upper floor is found in a front or back hallway. In some cases, the space beneath these staircases can be opened to create a closet or a series of cubbies, adding a significant amount of storage to a hallway without taking up any previously unused floor space. It may be necessary to hire a contractor for this type of job, however, making it a potentially expensive project.

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The front door and hallway can quickly become the most cluttered place in the whole house. I bought a decorative storage cabinet to place right inside the door. The cabinet looks good and serves its purpose well. The hardest part is getting the kids trained to use it instead of leaving everything piled outside of it.

There are shelves inside to place their books, a couple hooks for backpacks and jackets and the bottom is for shoes and boots. I try to keep it sorted out through the different seasons, so in the winter they have one place to go to find their boots, hats and gloves.


If you have a small hallway it can easily become crowded with shoes and coats when you have people over. I always make sure I have plenty of rugs for people to put their shoes on. I also purchased a hall tree as a place for guests to hang their coats.

Our bedrooms are all upstairs, and there really wasn't a convenient place to put coats, so this was the perfect solution. That way, all the coats are in one place by the door, and guests know what where to put their coat as soon as they take it off.

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    • Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
      By: Iriana Shiyan
      Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
    • The area beneath a staircase can be used as storage space.
      By: johnbraid
      The area beneath a staircase can be used as storage space.