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What Is a Shoe Rack?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A shoe rack is a storage unit designed for holding shoes. Shoe racks may be free-standing to place inside a closet or may be built into a closet organizer system. The right type of rack for you depends on the number of shoes you have to store and where in your home you want to store shoes.

Many people who have a large shoe collection have built-in racks in their bedroom closets. Each rack may hold several pairs of shoes. Some shoe racks are slanted wooden boards that have a strip running across the back to rest the heels of the shoes on so that the shoes are displayed for easy selection.

Shoe racks may be placed inside closets to display shoes.
Shoe racks may be placed inside closets to display shoes.

Other types of shoe holders are white metal stackable shelves that are either part of a closet shelving system or are a part of a free-standing rack. With the shelf type, you can just place pairs of shoes on the shelves side by side. Some kinds of shoe racks have curved wire loops that you place the shoes over.

A shoe rack is an alternative to shoe boxes. Clear acrylic shoe boxes that each hold one pair of shoes can be stacked anywhere and some people prefer to use these for shoes not worn too often. Shoe boxes may be stored up high in a closet, while the racks are usually on the floor or at eye level to allow easy access to the shoes.

Shoe racks can be added to entryway closets to avoid the clutter of shoes in the hallway near the front or back door of a home. Some people like to keep a small shoe rack near doors to hold shoes worn daily and/or guest's shoes. While the looped type can typically be only used to hold shoes, shoe shelves can be used to store practically anything from rolls of gift wrap to children's toys to extra pantry supplies. Free-standing racks usually fit into any type of closet and keep items organized and out of sight.

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@rundocuri- Another way that you can add extra space for your shoes in your closet is to secure a small rack on the back wall. This way it will be off the floor and will be fixed in place. It is also a cheap way to organize your shoes.


@rundocuri- If you have a small closet, I think that you have the best idea for adding the space you need to keep your shoes organized. The other benefits of adding a few shelves to an existing closet is that is it pretty easy and cheap to do.

To get started, measure the area in your closet where you want to place your new shelf or shelves. You can choose to go with one long one that fits the length of your space, or several shorter ones that you can stack. Next, go to your local home improvement store and buy some boards to fit your measurements. You will also need some brackets to put them securely in place.

When you get home, decide how you want your new shelves to be placed in your closet. Finally, with a hammer and nails or a drill and screws, place your brackets and boards in place. Just like that, you can get your shoes and closet neat and organized.


Is there an easy way to add a built-in shoe rack to a closet? I don't have room for one that is already assembled, but I think that adding a shelf or two close to the floor will give me the space I need for my shoes.

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    • Shoe racks may be placed inside closets to display shoes.
      By: vladstar
      Shoe racks may be placed inside closets to display shoes.