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What Are the Different Types of Butterfly Wall Decor?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Butterfly decor can add a whimsical feeling to any room, and butterfly wall decor can be temporary or permanent. Posters, pictures, and wall decals featuring butterflies are simple and inexpensive types of butterfly wall decorations. Butterfly paintings and tapestries can also be used, but they will also be a bit more expensive. Some people may also prefer mounted butterfly cases containing real butterflies. Other more permanent types of butterfly wall decor are butterfly wallpaper, stencils, and murals.

One of the easiest ways to add butterfly wall decor to room is by hanging up posters. These large pictures are typically very inexpensive. They can also be taken down and replaced very easily. Putting butterfly posters in frames can create a more polished look. Small framed butterfly pictures or photographs can also make excellent decorations for a butterfly themed room.

Wall decals are another way to add butterfly wall decor. These are typically made from a plastic-like material, such as vinyl. Like posters and pictures, they are rather inexpensive. They are also very easy to apply to and remove from the wall.


Although they are usually more expensive than other types of butterfly wall decor, butterfly tapestries and paintings can be a very elegant addition to any butterfly-themed room. These can vary greatly in price, and they can usually be found to fit any budget. Many craft stores have relatively inexpensive butterfly tapestries and paintings, and they can also be found online. These types of wall decor are very easy to hang up, and they can also be moved around just as easily.

Mounted butterfly displays can also be used as butterfly wall decor. Unlike other types of butterfly decorations, these decorations are usually made from real butterflies. The butterflies are typically preserved before being mounted on a rigid material, such as cardboard. This display is then usually placed in a glass or plastic case and hung on the wall. Mounted butterfly displays can either be made or purchased.

Butterfly wallpaper can also be pasted onto the wall, but this can be rather expensive and difficult. It is also permanent, and some people may find that walls covered with butterflies to be somewhat overwhelming. For a more subtle look, a wallpaper border featuring butterflies can be used instead.

Paint can also be used to create more permanent butterfly wall decor. Artistic individuals can paint a butterfly mural on the wall, for instance. Butterfly stencils can also be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these are typically very easy to use.

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