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What are the Different Types of Brick Fireplace?

Brick fireplaces exude warmth and charm, coming in various styles to suit any home. From the classic red brick hearth to elegant glazed finishes, and rustic reclaimed brick to modern painted facades, each type offers a unique aesthetic and ambiance. Which style resonates with your personal taste and home decor? Discover your perfect match and transform your living space.
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Brick masonry is typically considered traditional since it has been around for hundreds of years and is quite durable. For this reason, seeing a brick fireplace is quite common, but there is more than one style. In fact, fireplaces can differ when it comes to brick pattern, color, age, and location.

There are several ways for bricks to be placed when building a fireplace. They may be arranged in a pyramid shape, with a wider base that tapers up at the top. The bricks could be set perfectly on top of each other in a neat line, or they might be staggered. Additionally, the bricks may stretch to the top of the room, or they could end just above the firebox.

Apple cider vinegar and water, when mixed, make an effective brick fireplace cleaner.
Apple cider vinegar and water, when mixed, make an effective brick fireplace cleaner.

Many people might think of red as the typical color for a brick fireplace, but the truth is that there are other color options available. The color of the brick depends on the clay with which it was made. Colors usually range from brown or pink to beige or gray. Additionally, some people opt to paint their brick fireplace a color other than the brick's natural shade. Some homeowners like their brick masonry to match the rest of the room, while others prefer the contrast of natural brick.

Brick fireplaces are praised for their durability.
Brick fireplaces are praised for their durability.

Another variation available for the brick fireplace is age. Some newer houses come with a fireplace that looks new, because it is, while older homes come with one that has a corresponding older look. Sometimes, homeowners with a brand new house have more traditional décor, which might call for a more weathered brick fireplace. They can achieve the look by hitting the bricks with metal tools to cause chips and grooves, and adding whitewash to the surface. Conversely, making older bricks look new is usually a matter of scrubbing the fireplace with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to remove grime.

An outdoor fireplace is usually similar in appearance to a typical indoor fireplace, and includes just as many options. Many homes do not come equipped with this type of masonry, so some homeowners choose to build their own. It can add both value and charm to a home. Wood-burning outdoor fireplaces need a chimney, but those that burn only charcoal do not.

One of the main reasons for having a brick fireplace is its durability. This type of masonry is typically low-maintenance, only needing to be occasionally cleaned. Even when it ages and becomes weathered, this kind of fireplace usually still exudes charm. For these reasons, as well as the variations available, brick fireplaces have been popular for hundreds of years.

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Brick fireplace remodels are quite common nowadays because there are so many other options for fireplaces these days. I have a friend who was absolutely tired of her brick fireplace. After a lot of thought, she finally decided to cover the brick facade on her fireplace with small marble tiles.

These marble tiles were something that I didn't know existed. I had my doubts when she showed them to me at first. Now that she has them in place, the fireplace shows so much nicer and modern compared to the original brick.


I am continually remodeling and renovating old houses. They all have fireplaces. Most of them are brick fireplaces and they are in many cases very old. I have found that a well placed coat of paint does wonders for the fireplaces. Personally, white fireplaces are one of my favorite choices.

When you are painting brick it is important to thoroughly clean the brick before painting. I use a wire brush and a heavy duty cleaner for the cleaning part of the restoration. After cleaning, you want to always use a good oil based primer. The primer protects against soot stains.

Once the primer is completely dry you can begin painting with the paint and color of your choice.


We have a nice fireplace and built-up hearth in our bedroom. The fireplace was added long before we bought the house, but we can still tell that it is well built and must have been an impressive addition when it was built.

As well done as the fireplace is, it still looks dated. Basically, we are searching for a way to bring the brick into this decade. Personally, I have never cared much for painted brick, but my girlfriend says a painted brick fireplace can look good and modern if you paint it the correct way.

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    • Apple cider vinegar and water, when mixed, make an effective brick fireplace cleaner.
      By: Roman Ivaschenko
      Apple cider vinegar and water, when mixed, make an effective brick fireplace cleaner.
    • Brick fireplaces are praised for their durability.
      By: markcarper
      Brick fireplaces are praised for their durability.