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What are the Different Kinds of Wall Stickers?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Some of the various types of wall stickers and wall decals are the stickers that are used for borders. These may be placed on the edge of wallpaper to frame artwork. Most often these types of stickers are of a contrasting design from the wallpaper. Other types of wall stickers are removable wall stickers and stickers made from stencil designs. Murals are another kind that have greater detail.

Wall decals, sometimes referred to as wallies, are a type of home decor that may be used in various rooms of the house. This type of wall art is typically made from vinyl. The user can peel the backing to reveal an adhesive that will adhere to walls easily. Many of these wall stickers are hand washable as well.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Wallpaper cut out decals are often used in bathrooms and children's rooms to add colorful affects to home decor. Different types include fairytale designs for a young girl's room, as well as cartoon heroes for a boy's bedroom. Other types of wall stickers are those designed for a baby nursery.

Sometimes furniture or other furnishings can be decorated with a type of wall sticker. These my be designed in patterns for children as well as adults. Wall decals generally may be used on painted surfaces, wood, and glass.

Wall stickers are not only limited to groups of small cut out designs. Larger displays known as wall mural art are wall stickers meant to cover an expansive area of wall. These typically come cut into two, three, or more sheets. Most of these are easy to apply and generally will not damage walls.

Other types of wall stickers can be reusable. This means they can easily be removed from a wall and re-applied to another surface without losing any of their adhesive properties. Some of the stickers or decals are done in art deco designs. Nature designs such as blossoms and trees or bamboo and leaves are some of the designs that may be found.

Some types of wall decor stickers have sayings or words imprinted on a background design. These are sometimes referred to as expression decals. Some of these stickers can be customized with personal sayings or any message desired. Alphabet wall stickers are a type of wall graphic that may be used in the home or office. Various kinds of wall decor and wall art my be purchased online or at specialty stores.

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Wall decals, or in simple words, wall designs, are not too famous in India. Very few wall designers are available in India. I have found very interesting wall designs online.

I love Indian culture so much so I tried a Buddha decal on my wall. Now my wall looks a little different than the others.


I love those wall stickers made of phrases. The fonts and colors are always chosen carefully, as is the placement of the words, so they end up looking as good as a logo put together by a graphic designer.

There are places online that will design custom wall stickers with whatever words you choose. My friend had a verse from a song she had written transformed into a beautiful wall sticker, and she put it on the wall of her music room.

The letters were in a sweeping script font, so the sticker looked like handwriting. I think it’s the most beautiful thing she could have put on her wall.


Wallpaper murals can be just as impressive as oil paintings, but in some cases, they cost just as much. My wealthy aunt has one hanging in her room, and I couldn’t believe how much she paid for it.

It is 4 feet by 12 feet, and it is gorgeous. Rolling green hills are dotted by trees, and a blue sky with scattered clouds looks very realistic. I’m sure whoever painted what this was made from spent a long time on it.

However, I will never pay $500 for a wall sticker. Even if it is a work of art, I could not pay one month’s rent for it.


@OeKc05 - That wall sticker sounds amazing. I would love to decorate my living room with one, but my husband prefers plain walls. At least I get to choose stickers for my daughter’s room.

While looking at kids’ wall stickers, I kept in mind that I needed to get something that she won’t be embarrassed to have on her wall once she becomes a teenager. So, cartoon characters were not an option.

I found some cool circular stickers that looked like bubbles. Some are solid, and some are simply outlines. The color scheme is hot pink and brown, and it matches her rug.

I know that stickers are removable, but I really wanted to get something that she could keep as long as she lives there. Sometimes, even removable items can leave sticky or bleached spots on the walls, so I didn’t want to risk it.


I have the coolest wall sticker ever in my living room. I had never heard of wall stickers until I moved into a new house and went shopping for decor. This sticker made the process so much fun, and I designed the rest of the room around it.

The decal is a black tree with branches reaching to the left. It is covered in hot pink blotches that are meant to be blossoms. The way it reaches across the wall really takes your eyes with it.

I found a couple of hot pink chairs and a black ottoman that went perfectly with the sticker. I now have the most unique living room of anyone I know!

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip