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What Are the Best Tips for Dried Flower Arranging?

Crafting with dried flowers offers timeless beauty and longevity. To excel, select a variety of textures and colors, trim stems at varying lengths for depth, and use a floral foam for stability. Remember, balance is key—mix large blooms with delicate sprigs. Want to elevate your home decor with these natural, rustic elements? Discover how to create stunning arrangements that last.
Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Dried flower arranging can help make the beauty and freshness of summer last all year long. Choosing the right flowers for these arrangements, however, is important. Also, when handling dried flowers, one should be very careful, since they are very delicate and can fall apart very easily. By following a few tips for dried flower arranging, beautiful bouquets can be made that will last an entire season or longer.

Often, the first step when arranging dried flowers is placing a piece of floral foam at the bottom of a vase or other container. This will hold the flowers in place. In many cases, it may be more attractive to hide the foam. This can be done by gluing moss to the foam. Another way to hide the foam is by covering it with decorative marbles or pebbles; this method also adds weight to the container to keep it from tipping over too easily.

Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.
Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.

Since the weight of many flowers can cause the heads to droop or break after drying, stems are usually removed prior to dried flower arranging. This is usually best when done when the flower is still moist and soft, since the dried specimens are often too brittle. To do this, hobbyists usually trim the stem so there is about a little over an inch (2.5 centimeters) left. After that, floral wire can then be inserted through the stem and partway into the bloom. When the flower has dried completely, both the stem and the wire should be wrapped in floral tape.

Dried flowers should be handled carefully, since they're very delicate.
Dried flowers should be handled carefully, since they're very delicate.

When participating an dried flower arranging as a hobby, many novices realize very quickly that the flowers are very delicate. To strengthen them a bit, some hobbyists choose to spray the flowers with clear lacquer, or craft spray. Others choose to spray the blooms with hairspray, which has a similar effect.

If each component of a dried flower arrangement is not carefully placed, it could result in a sloppy finished product. As a general rule of thumb, many people who create these arrangements place the larger blooms in the middle of the arrangement. This can help ensure that the smaller flowers are not overshadowed and hidden. Any open space between flowers is often filled with baby's breath or something similar.

Only certain flowers should be chosen for drying. Since any flaws on a flower will often be emphasized after drying, it is important to pick near-perfect specimens. Flowers that are damaged or wilted should never be used for a dried arrangement. Ideal flowers for dried flower arranging are usually picked just before they reach a full bloom.

Picking flowers at the right time is also important when one participates in dried flower arranging. Typically, the best time to pick flowers for drying is believed to be in the morning or evening. It is during this time of the day that the blooms are full of moisture.

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If you want to keep some of that spring color and freshness for awhile, you might try drying some daffodils. They are one of my favorite dry flowers all year long.

It is best to pick the blooms when they are just partly open if you want dried buds. I have had the best results when air drying or just placing them upright in a vase.

I just love the bright, sunny look and they look wonderful if combined with crocus and pussy willows. That is a spring bouquet that you can enjoy all year long.


One year for Thanksgiving I made a dried flower arrangement for a centerpiece for the table. I lived out in the country, and just collected several different flowers and grasses that had fall colors. Of course I included Chrysanthemums in the arrangement for some bright color.

It is best to pick mums when they are fully open and make sure they are dry so they will not brown. You can microwave them for a few minutes, but they will shrink about 50% when you do that. They will retain their color pretty well though.


Dried flowers make wonderful accents to any home. Dry flower arrangements give you the opportunity to extend those gorgeous flowers and enjoy their color all year long.

I have used both air drying and the microwave. Some flowers work better than other if you use the microwave to dry. If you try to dry Clematis in the microwave it will turn brown. On the other hand, pansies do great when you use the microwave.

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    • Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.
      By: k_kron
      Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.
    • Dried flowers should be handled carefully, since they're very delicate.
      By: Comugnero Silvana
      Dried flowers should be handled carefully, since they're very delicate.