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What are Different Types of Wall Hangers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Wall hangers of all kinds help with organization and clutter. They create an easily visible organizational system and can add interest to an otherwise bare, plain section of wall. Some of the different types of hangers used on walls include those for plates, coats, quilts and guitars.

A guitar wall hanger is usually black in color and may be made from plastic or metal. Most guitar wall hangers fasten to the wall with metal screws. All styles and sizes of guitars usually fit into any guitar wall hanger since they're adjustable. The hanging devices can be expanded to fit different guitar neck widths. Most guitar wall hangers have two prongs that support the neck while the rest of the instrument hangs vertically.

Quilts can be used for bedding or to decorate walls.
Quilts can be used for bedding or to decorate walls.

Quilts are often displayed on walls as well as beds; they can make beautiful and colorful wall hangings. To make quilts look their best on walls, a rectangular piece of wood or other material is attached to the wall. Under the part of the hanger piece that shows outward are clamps or clips that hold the quilt. The top edge of the quilt then hangs under the wooden or metal header piece with the rest of the blanket hanging straight down. Some wall hangers made to hang quilts feature a ledge on the top that can be used to display plates, vases or other accent pieces that coordinate with the look of the stitched quilt.

Wall hangers for coats are a classic look and often the perfect accessory to have near an outside door — especially when there is no coat closet. Coat wall hangers should have large, sturdy hooks. A rubber mat for muddy boots with an umbrella stand next to it can make useful accompaniments to a wall coat hanger.

Plate wall hangers are available in many types. Some of these are made of elaborately twisted and scrolled wrought iron. Wrought iron is metal that has been heated to extreme temperatures to allow it to be bent in many intricate patterns. The shape of these types of wall plate hangers is almost ladder-like; most have room for a row of three or four large plates. The hangers may be placed either vertically or horizontally on a wall.

Other types of wall mounted plate hangers are small, narrow boxed-in shelves with dowel features to hold the plates in. These hanging plate shelves are usually quite old-fashioned looking in design and are often made of wood. Metal hooks to hang tea or coffee cups may be included in these types of plate wall hangers.

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@Perdido - That sounds cool. I bet that wrought iron wall hangers are expensive, though. Am I right?

My husband made some heavy duty wall hangers so that we could hang our bicycles up in the garage. They are made of wood and metal, so I feel pretty certain that they can support the weight of our bikes.

He also made a slab of wood into some shoe hangers and placed it right by the front door. We have enough wooden hooks on it to hold six pairs of shoes, and it is so convenient to just hang up our muddy sneakers right in front of the door.


My aunt’s house is just full of decorative wall hangers. You would not believe the variety available!

Her kitchen has lots of rooster decor, so it is fitting that she has several black wrought iron rooster wall hangers. The hook part looks normal, but there is an iron rooster resting on the top. She has several sizes of these.

Her husband does a lot of hunting, and he keeps all his hunting stuff in one room. There are wall hangers made like the rooster ones in here, except they have hunting dogs on top.

She showed me the catalog where she found the wall hangers. There were so many more types available that they could suit just about anybody.


I like using a pegboard with several wall hooks for hangers. The hooks fit into the holes in the pegboard, and they jut out far enough for me to hang large items on them.

I have a long pegboard that covers one wall in my work shed. I have several types of wall hangers that are designed to be used with the pegboard.

I have small ones that resemble the kind you would hang your coat on, and I use these for cables and items with loops. I have some that are designed to support items that can fit through rings and rest upon a little rack, and I put my screwdrivers through these. I also have hooks that jut out further, and I have a clock and several photos resting upon these.


I used to use these little plastic wall hangers on the back of my artwork, but they were not strong enough to hold it up for very long. I had several drawings that I had done on paper using chalk pastels, and I had framed these with mat board. Though they weren’t nearly as heavy as a canvas, they weighed too much for the little wall hangers.

I bought the hangers as a set of twenty. They were all glued to a peel-away backing, and I simply pressed them onto the back of the mat board. Each one had several teeth, so I could adjust the artwork to make it perfectly straight.

I was really bummed that these wall hangers didn’t work out, because they were very cheap. I had planned to put them on works that I intended to sell, but I learned that this would not be good for business!

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    • Quilts can be used for bedding or to decorate walls.
      Quilts can be used for bedding or to decorate walls.