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How do I Choose the Best Kids' Closet Organizer?

Selecting the ideal kids' closet organizer hinges on maximizing space and adapting to their growth. Look for adjustable shelving, easy-to-reach bins, and multi-use hangers. Durability and safety are paramount, ensuring it withstands daily use. Consider your child's habits and preferences for a personalized touch. Ready to transform chaos into order? Discover how to create a perfectly organized haven for your child's wardrobe.
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

When choosing a kids' closet organizer, it can help to visualize the extent of your child's wardrobe and accessories. From a practical standpoint, the most effective kids' closet products are ones that will be multi-functional. For example, sectioned compartments or hanging rods can be combined with an overhead closet rack. The rack can provide space to store hats and other accessories.

Another option is a portable slide-in storage closet. This in itself can be a useful product to own and can be an integral part of a kids' closet organizer. This stand-alone product can be used inside of a walk-in closet. Generally, this could provide extra storage to accommodate items such as seasonal apparel and bulkier items such as coats.

It's often helpful to store each type of toy in plastic bins or baskets in the child's closet.
It's often helpful to store each type of toy in plastic bins or baskets in the child's closet.

Some of these storage closets have zippered compartments. Many come pre-assembled and even feature the useful addition of wheels. Many rotate to provide easy access to clothing, and most are kid-sized to make selections more simple. These can provide mobility and portability when you organize a kid's closet.

If space is extremely limited within your child's closet, an efficient kids' closet organizer could be a hanging shelved unit. These are typically made of heavy cardboard and are narrow enough to fit nicely inside most closets. You can generally find them in three-, four- and five-shelf options. Many are decorated and feature themes to please most youngsters. It can be a solution for storing sweaters and other articles of clothing that can be folded rather than placed on a hanger.

For a space-saving option, you could assemble a hanging over-the-door organizer from inside the closet. This can be a practical way to store kids' pajamas, slippers, socks and underwear. Some kids' closet organizers even feature large plastic pockets for storing small toys. These organizers are also available for storing lightweight sneakers and shoes.

There are special kids' closet organizer kits you can purchase if you don't mind some assembly and a little bit of work. Some of these kits feature several pieces, while others are self-contained and more compact. Typically, these kits will require the use of tools.

Not every kids' closet organizer needs to be store-bought. With a little ingenuity and creativity, the possibilities are numerable. If you're considering assembling your own homemade kids' closet organizer, you might be able to find materials around the house that can be used. Wood that can be suitably sized can be used for building shelves. A multi-tiered unit can provide ample storage space, provided the closet is large enough.

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    • It's often helpful to store each type of toy in plastic bins or baskets in the child's closet.
      By: Iriana Shiyan
      It's often helpful to store each type of toy in plastic bins or baskets in the child's closet.