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What are the Different Ways to Organize a Small Closet?

Maximizing space in a small closet requires creativity and strategy. Utilize multi-level hangers, shelf dividers, and storage bins to categorize and stack items efficiently. Over-the-door organizers and wall hooks can exploit vertical space. Remember, rotating seasonal clothing keeps clutter at bay. Curious about transforming your cramped closet into an organized haven? Discover more ingenious solutions that await your exploration.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Most small homes and apartments inevitably have small closets that can't hold much in the way of a person's belongings without a bit of creative organizing. Some simple strategies to organize a small closet can be done with little or no extra cost, and all methods to organize a small closet include prioritizing the contents of the closet by frequency of accessibility. to start the steps to organize a small closet, begin by emptying the closet and sorting through the contents, getting rid of items never used.

Once the non-essentials are out of the closet, it's time to think about space-saving features such as hanging shoe holders and plastic or wooden bins. First, however, one should prioritize the contents of the closet: the seldom-used items can go up high on a shelf if a shelf exists, while items that are used regularly should be hanging or down low on or near the ground. Since most people tend to put shoes in the closet, these inevitably end up on the floor; but with a hanging shoe organizer, the shoes come off the floor, freeing up space for other items that need to be stowed.

Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.
Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.

Plastic bins can be placed where the shoes used to be, down on the floor and pushed toward the back of the closet, depending on the depth of the closet. Getting the shoes off the floor is one of the best ways to organize a small closet because it frees up the most room for other items. Out of season clothing items can be stowed in the plastic bins that take the place of the shoes, or even other items such as hats, gloves, old photos, or whatever else populates the closet normally.

Racks that swing and fold flat against the wall can also be useful when attempting to organize a small closet. Tie racks often swing flush or near flush with the wall, and belts can be hung from them as well. Plain old metal hooks can also help make the most of the confined space, as purses, hats, and even hair dryers and other accessories can be hung from them without blocking access to the rest of the closet. Don't forget the closet door, either: a shoe organizer can be hung from it, as can other storage hooks and racks. When it's time to organize a small closet, it also might be time to pack up extra clothing and give them to charity, but for the clothing you want to keep, try purchasing multi-use hangers that can hold both a shirt and a pair of pants.

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    • Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.
      By: lulu
      Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.