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What Should I Consider When Buying a Staple Gun?

When buying a staple gun, consider its use—upholstery, carpentry, or crafts. Choose the right type: manual, electric, or pneumatic. Check for comfort, durability, and staple compatibility. Safety features are crucial, as is ease of use. Think about the frequency of use to determine the best investment for your needs. What other factors might influence your choice? Join the conversation to find out.
Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

The first consideration when buying a staple gun should be the type of projects one plans to complete with it. You may need more than one staple gun depending on the areas in which you plan to use it. There are light- and heavy-duty options, as well as air staplers and pneumatic tacking units. Contractors generally use power units, but homeowners also find them appealing. These cost considerably more than hand tool options, but they are very convenient and make quick work of even the most complicated stapling jobs.

As a handy tool around the house for simple projects, an inexpensive light-duty hand staple gun with small staples is usually sufficient. Typical household projects include light repairs such as replacing window screens, securing insulation, minor repairs to upholstered pieces, and upholstering items such as cornice boards. This type of staple gun also works well for many craft projects, such as stretching artists' canvas and attaching it to a frame or adding decorative trim to objects.

Staple guns may be used on upholstery projects.
Staple guns may be used on upholstery projects.

For larger projects, a heavy-duty staple gun is indicated, along with larger, heavier staples. Heavier projects may include securing trim, molding, or ceiling tiles; attaching chicken wire to wooden posts; stapling padding for carpet; and heavy upholstery projects, such as those using vinyl or leather. If you plan to use a staple gun frequently, it is probably a good idea to consider an ergonomic design to protect your hands and wrists from the repetitive motion. Many people suffer from ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive motion of specific actions or the repeated use of certain tools. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

When buying any kind of staple gun, be sure to look for features such as solid construction, a durable, rust-resistant finish, and an opening that allows you to see when the staple gun is low on staples and needs to be refilled. Find out if the staple gun that you are interested in purchasing is designed to prevent jamming, and as with any tool, make sure the manufacturer provides an appropriate warranty.

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    • Staple guns may be used on upholstery projects.
      By: Lilyana Vynogradova
      Staple guns may be used on upholstery projects.