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What is Resin-Bonded Gravel?

Resin-bonded gravel is a durable, attractive paving solution where aggregates are mixed with resin and then laid over a solid base, creating a textured finish. It's permeable, reducing puddles and enhancing grip. Perfect for driveways and paths, it combines practicality with natural beauty. Wondering how it could transform your outdoor space? Let's examine its benefits and installation process further.
Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

Resin-bonded gravel is a gravel option used for driveways, walking paths, and other landscaping purposes. It is made of stone pieces available in various sizes that are coated in a natural or synthetic resin layer designed to hold the stones together in a water permeable sheet once installed. This type of gravel product allows for water and moisture to pass through the material while retaining its shape and location, unlike the traditional gravel applications that can shift and move when driven over, walked on, or subjected to strong water currents. Standard resin-bonded gravel products contain crushed stone and an epoxy layer to provide stabilization. This product is offered in a variety of colors and can be used for outdoor applications as well as in garages and sheds for waterproof flooring options.

There are two ways that resin-bonded gravel can be installed; on a impermeable water base such as concrete, or on a permeable substance such as turf or rock. The difference is simply a matter of the client's preference and the specific needs of the installation location. For uses like patio flooring and walking paths, it is often recommended to use the permeable application technique. In parking lots, driveways, or other locations where water run off has been taken into account, an impermeable application is suggested. An experienced landscape professional usually offers suggestions to the clients to best suit their needs.

Standard resin-bonded gravel products contain crushed stone.
Standard resin-bonded gravel products contain crushed stone.

Choosing resin-bonded gravel has several advantages that the more traditional gravel options don't, including no problems with loose or lost stones, weeds and other plant life are unable to grow through the resin layer, and the product does not discolor over time. Water erosion and standing water are not a concern as with other gravel applications. In addition to its anti-slip properties, the surface of the bonded gravel is also resistant to oil and other chemical spills. A resin-bonded gravel driveway, properly installed, rarely needs any maintenance and many people choose to pay the higher price for this type of landscaping for the convenience it offers.

Since these products are used so commonly in landscaping, the consumer will find there are many colors and stone choices offered in the resin-bonded gravel products. For paths, floors, and walkways, most home improvement experts suggest using the smaller crushed stone. In larger projects, like a driveway, it may be more economical to install larger stones. There are many colors offered including gray, tan, black, and reddish brown varieties available in both large and small stone. Most people choose colors that compliment their homes and gardens when choosing resin-bonded gravel.

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    • Standard resin-bonded gravel products contain crushed stone.
      By: alpssimon
      Standard resin-bonded gravel products contain crushed stone.