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What are Resin Stepping Stones?

Christian Petersen
Christian Petersen

Resin stepping stones are an attractive alternative to natural stone that are made from a type of plastic. Many types on the market are manufactured entirely from recycled materials. These types of stepping stones come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, and are suitable for many landscape and yard projects.

Stepping stones made from poly resin can be manufactured to look like almost any material. They can simulate natural stone, concrete, brick or wood. Decorative patterns and designs can be cast into resin products very easily. Colors and finishes can vary greatly and include swirled colors and glossy or dull finishes.

Many resin stepping stones manufactured entirely from recycled materials.
Many resin stepping stones manufactured entirely from recycled materials.

Backyard improvement projects like garden paths, walkways, arbors and even play areas can benefit from the addition of resin stepping stones. They are easy to install and are generally thinner and much lighter than similar stones made of other materials. These types of stones generally cost less than other types of stones as they are cheap and easy to manufacture, and shipping costs are lower due to the reduced weight.

Some unusual features may be found in resin stepping stones that can not be found in other types of stones. Glow in the dark stones absorb sunlight and emit a gentle glow for hours after sunset, providing a free and easy means to make the path stand out in darkness. These stones have a light-absorbing phosphorescent type of plastic added to the resin during the manufacturing process. This material never needs batteries or another power source and never wears out.

Solar-powered lights can be installed in resin stepping stones as well. These stones work in much the same way as the glow in the dark stones, but have lights similar to solar-powered landscape lights. They absorb sunlight during the day and convert it to electricity that is then stored in a battery which powers a light, usually of the LED type. After dark, a light-sensor activates the light, lighting the stones and the pathway.

Some companies offer customized stepping stones made from poly resin. Customers can order stones with written messages commemorating an event or memorializing a loved one or treasured pet. Stones of this type are often used at the end of a path leading to a small area like an arbor, sitting area or sentimental spot where the cherished memory of a loved one is brought to mind.

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I would like to solidify pea stone around a potted grass that is outside. Would I use a poly resin product or a marine polyurethane?

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    • Many resin stepping stones manufactured entirely from recycled materials.
      By: gavran333
      Many resin stepping stones manufactured entirely from recycled materials.