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What is Beveled Glass?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Beveled glass is a single pane of glass with a beveled edge. The term beveled refers to a cut made at an angle of less than 90 degrees. A beveled edge is typically used to add decorative style and has no functional purpose.

Beveled glass captures light in a unique way, creating a wide range of colors and enhancing the visual impact of the glass. Window and door manufacturers often use beveled glass to improve an simple design. The skillful arrangement of beveled glass, along with other decorative design elements increases both the visual appeal and the value of the final product.

Beveled glass is cut at an angle to enhance its decorative properties.
Beveled glass is cut at an angle to enhance its decorative properties.

You can often find examples of beveled glass in transom windows, door side lights and large, ornate front doors. The arrangement of multiple pieces of beveled glass within an entrance way creates an image of sophistication and style. This type of treatment has been consistently popular in North American architectural design since the late 1950's.

Although beveled glass is traditionally plain cut glass, there has been a trend to use this technique on colored textured glass to enhance a particular design. Typically, textured glass is 1/8” (0.32 cm) thick and has a very specific visual impact. The use of textured glass with a beveled edge increases the options available for designers to create new and interesting glass pieces.

When purchasing beveled glass, consider the frame as well as the glass itself. It is critical that the glass has exact same depth of beveled edge visible on all four sides. Careful measurement and skilled installers will ensure the glass is securely installed.

If you are thinking of installing beveled glass in your home or office, make a list of the features that you require, the size of the glass and the design you have in mind. Look in architecture or home design magazines for ideas and inspiration. Make note of any specific glass features that you like as a reference.

Schedule a meeting with a local door and glass company to review your ideas and requirements. Discuss your ideas, budget and desired effect. Request a written proposal and illustration of at least three different designs that incorporate your requested features.

Check the references of any door and glass company that you plan to hire and request a written, detailed quotation of the approved design before agreeing to any work. Obtain quotations from more than one firm to obtain the best combination of price and quality. Inspect the installed product carefully before making the final payment.

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@JessicaLynn - That sounds really nice. One of my favorite restaurants has a front door completely made of different colors of beveled glass. It is really striking-I notice it again every time I visit the restaurant.

I'm not a homeowner but I think whenever I do have a house I want to have some beveled mirror glass by the front door.


My mom has beveled door side lights on her front door and I just love the way they look. They reflect the light in a very pleasing way. Also, the way they are cut makes it hard for someone to see in but it still allows light into the house.

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    • Beveled glass is cut at an angle to enhance its decorative properties.
      By: jwblinn
      Beveled glass is cut at an angle to enhance its decorative properties.