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What is an Elongated Toilet?

An elongated toilet features an oval-shaped bowl, longer than the traditional round design, offering extra comfort and space. Its sleek form suits modern bathrooms and can be especially accommodating for larger individuals or those with mobility concerns. Interested in enhancing your bathroom experience? Discover how an elongated toilet might be the upgrade you've been seeking. What could this mean for your daily routine?
T. Broderick
T. Broderick

The materials, function and basic design of an elongated toilet are identical to those of the standard model. The key difference is in the shape of the bowl. Standard toilets have a round bowl and toilet seat, and those of an elongated toilet are noticeably oval-shaped. This one difference in design has many implications that buyers should know about before choosing a toilet for their home or office.

There are a few key advantages when considering the purchase of an elongated toilet for residential or business use. The oval toilet seat has a greater surface area than a standard model. Elderly people and those with disabilities can rest their upper thighs on the seat, allowing a more even distribution of weight, and the added support also makes standing much easier. Healthy people benefit from these features as well. Like their round counterparts, elongated toilets come in different heights suitable to a variety of users.

An elongated toilet has an oval-shaped basin.
An elongated toilet has an oval-shaped basin.

Positive public perception of the elongated toilet is another reason that home or business owners should consider installing them. Long before elongated toilets appeared in homes, high-end businesses hoping to impress customers placed these toilets in their public restrooms. The perception that the elongated toilet is a superior product still exists. A business or home with elongated toilets still gives off the impression of wealth. For owners, the unseen benefit lies the elongated toilet's lower water consumption, and with modern dual flush toilets, monetary savings are even greater.

The primary disadvantage of an elongated toilet is a higher price, usually 10 percent more than a standard model made by the same company. Accessories such as a replacement toilet seat or cover will cost more as well. Elongated toilets also require more space because of their shape. Cramped bathrooms, such as those found in apartments, typically are not suitable for these toilets.

Going into the market with these positives and negatives in mind, buyers are at an advantage because of the accessibility of elongated toilets in most home improvement stores. Customers can see the different models up close and consult with professionals about which toilet is right for their specific needs. After purchase, customers always have the option of returning the toilet in accordance with the store's return policy. As with all long term investments, research of the product and consideration of one's own needs is essential for satisfaction.

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    • An elongated toilet has an oval-shaped basin.
      By: foto76
      An elongated toilet has an oval-shaped basin.