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What Is a Pedestal Vase?

Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson

A pedestal vase is a type of container mounted on a base that takes the form of a pedestal. These vases come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials. They can be displayed for decorative purposes in many settings. The price of a pedestal vase generally depends on its age, manufacturer, and condition.

Several distinctive styles of pedestal vase are available. Vases could be cylindrical, v-shaped, or round, for example. They might have handles, and the rims can be smooth or scalloped. Each vase, regardless of style, is designed with a distinctive pedestal base that should complement the overall look.

Vases are made using a variety of materials. Some of these include clear and etched glass, milk glass, and porcelain. Vases made with antique silver, bisque, and ceramic are also available. Less expensive vases might be made from acrylic and plastic.

Pedestal vases are mounted on a base.
Pedestal vases are mounted on a base.

Several well-known makers of pedestal vases dating to the 1800s include Waterford®, Minton, and Haviland Limoges®. Other quality makers of the pedestal vase include Willets and Red Wing. Each company used its own unique methods and designs when creating these vases.

A pedestal vase may be intricately etched with specific patterns such as those designed by Waterford®. Glass may also be etched in a variety of floral or leaf designs. Highly decorative pieces are often hand-painted using several colors. Vases might have a cloisonné finish with a decorative interwoven gold gilt finish.

Available colors might include vintage creamy white milk glass. Vases may be a solid color such as pale pink, or be a combination such as blue on white. Pedestal vases are also available with cameo motifs. Inexpensive plastic vases can also have an antique brass or silver finish.

The base of a pedestal vase comes in different styles. The design of the vase determines the style of the vase. A pedestal base may be a singular stem holding the vase or the base may be designed with multiple pedestal legs. The base itself may be an elongated stem with a small cup or vase at the top.

Many businesses use pedestal vases. Florists use a variety of pedestal-based vases for arrangements for special occasions and funerals. Catering companies hired to decorate for banquet rooms for weddings, anniversaries, or other special events use pedestal vases as decorative enhancements. Pedestal vases are also used for decorative purposes as centerpieces.

The look and design of the pedestal vase makes it a versatile addition to home décor. Clear and cut glass vases are well suited to hold fresh flower arrangements. Pedestal vases are also used to hold silk flowers, natural dried flower arrangements, and greenery.

Prices for pedestal vases vary. A vintage piece in good condition can be expensive. Vases mass-produced for everyday use are significantly less expensive than collectibles.

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    • Pedestal vases are mounted on a base.
      By: nonillion
      Pedestal vases are mounted on a base.