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What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared space, typically between two bedrooms, designed for efficiency and privacy. It features two sinks and separate areas for the toilet and bath, allowing multiple people to use it simultaneously. This layout optimizes convenience for families or roommates. Curious about how it could enhance your home? Let's explore the possibilities together.
A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom space that is shared between two bedrooms, where both bedrooms have their own doors leading into the space. This type of shared bathroom is popular in some kinds of homes. These bathrooms allow for use by more than one person, and are accessible from more than one room.

Lots of common Jack and Jill bathroom designs feature a double bathroom vanity. This kind of bathroom vanity includes two sinks, which means that more than one person can use the sink area at the same time. Many of these bathrooms are set up as “couple’s bathrooms” with separate storage spaces for each member of the couple, as well as separate towel racks for monogrammed or color coded towels.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Although this type of bathroom can be convenient, especially for larger families, there are some potential problems with having a bathroom that includes double access. Adequate locking and privacy can be an issue for some. In addition, if a home is split up into rental spaces, or if there are changes in who is using various bedrooms, having a shared bathroom can become an issue, especially if appropriate locks and latches are not in place.

Real estate professionals use the term “Jack and Jill bathroom” to refer to these kinds of shared bathrooms. Some argue that these bathrooms are effective in opening up a residential space. Others would say that privacy issues make this design less desirable. A lot of the appeal depends on how a home is structured.

In older houses, where bedrooms are often clustered, creating a Jack and Jill bathroom with a double sink can be practical. The additional of a double bathroom vanity does not usually constitute a large plumbing expense, since the two sinks can utilize a lot of the same plumbing hardware and connection. The issue is in designing the right double pathway to the bathroom, and ensuring access. Some home designers and planners recognize that over time, families might decide not to use one of the double access doors, and instead seal the door off to provide a wall that gives more privacy to the bathroom as well as the adjoining bedroom. Those designing and using a home with this type of bathroom have to decide if the setup stands on its own merits.

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Discussion Comments


@alchemy: you make an excellent point. any kind of excessive renovations won't be optimizing their value for cost. This is often true even in a stand alone house relative to nearby properties.


@ Highlighter- I would argue that a jack and jill style bathroom may hurt the value of your home if it lacks functionality. Common jack and jill bathrooms will have a separate water closet where the toilet and/or bidet are located. The remaining area should have enough space to accommodate the tub and shower. The space should also serve the second bedroom just as well as it serves the master bedroom. Care should also be taken to keep the toilet as far away from the master bedroom door as possible so the adult or main resident of the house doesn't hear the toilet flush at two in the morning.

Finally, you want to make sure that the renovations you are planning are not pricing you out of the complex the condominium is located. If all of the other units are similar to yours, these types of improvements may cost too much relative to the other condominium units in your complex.


@ Highlighter- I would assume that a jack and jill bathroom would have little effect on the property value of a home if it is done right. If you need to remodel the bathrooms in your home, the elimination of a bathroom to create one nice big bathroom may increase your home's value. You will eliminate two bathrooms that may hurt the value and adding features like a standalone shower and a whirlpool tub.


I have a condominium that is in need of some updating and I am trying to decide what to do with the upstairs bathrooms. There is a small full bathroom in the master bedroom and a small three quarters bathroom across the hall from the second bedroom. I have been thinking about remodeling the bathrooms to create one large master bath that opens to the hallway (now I know it is called a jack and jill bathroom).

Does anyone know how this would affect the value of the condominium? I will eventually sell the unit, but the bathrooms are in need of serious updating. The bathrooms are adjacent to each other, and the size of the two combined would be large enough to accommodate a two person tub, separate shower, and a double vanity. There is a half bathroom on the ground floor to accommodate guests. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip