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What is a Garage Pergola?

A garage pergola is an architectural feature that adds elegance and character to your home's exterior. It's a framework often placed above a garage door, supporting climbing plants and creating a visually appealing entrance. With its blend of functionality and style, a garage pergola not only enhances curb appeal but also offers a touch of nature. How might a pergola transform your home's facade?
Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A pergola is a structure made of beams or latticework that is sometimes used to support vines or hanging baskets. When attached to a garage or barn, it is known as a garage pergola. The structure often extends just over the top of a door. Other times, the pergola might stretch out from one side of the building, providing a shaded area for people to sit under.

Many types of garage pergola are placed just above a doorway and extend slightly outward. They may be placed just above the door itself, or across the entire structure. These normally consist of a brace on either side of the piece along with support beams that hold runners, or long narrow pieces of wood. Open lattice or strips of vinyl or wood are usually placed over top of the runners, with a small space between each strip.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Other types of garage pergola serve as a type of gazebo or covered patio. They may sometimes be used as an extension of the garage by serving as a makeshift carport. These models are normally larger units that are attached to the side of the building. Units that are more formal may have a concrete or stone floor as well.

An attached pergola may have large posts spaced every six to eight feet (1.83 to 2.44 m) apart for support. There is usually a support beam on top of each post running horizontally. Smaller beams are then placed on top of these in the opposite direction. It is usually open on all sides, with the exception of the side next to the garage.

A garage pergola is often used as an ornamental structure. It can be painted to match the siding, or intricate trim work can also be added. Some homeowners may train plants, such as ivy or climbing roses, to grow on the structure as well. Other times, hanging baskets of flowers might be hung from one of the upper beams. This is normally done in larger structures that extend from one side of the building.

Once a garage pergola is constructed, it generally needs very little maintenance to keep it looking nice. Most are also very sturdy and can last for a number of years. Homeowners typically do not need a great deal of construction experience in order to build one of these structures. This means adding an attached pergola to a garage or other outbuilding can be a good idea for many homeowners.

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I didn't have enough room outside to add a patio pergola, but did have the room to make a garage pergola. This gives us extra space to sit outside and because it is on the north side of the house, does not get too hot.

I have several hanging baskets with trailing flowers hanging from the beams. Wave petunias and ivy really add some color and a nice touch.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass