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What Is a File Cabinet Lock Bar?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

File cabinets are for storing important documents and papers. A file cabinet lock bar is a security device that locks cabinets. This bar is normally placed on the side of a cabinet and is used as an external locking bar to prevent the cabinets from being opened. Locking bars include a special padlock that keeps the bar attached to the cabinet.

There are many types of locking file cabinets. Some are made with internal locks and key locks, while others have special combination locks. A file cabinet lock bar is attached to the outside edge a file cabinet. The bar can be used in combination with existing locking devices for added security.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A file cabinet lock bar is typically locked with either a combination lock or a keyed lock. These locks are attached to the top portion of the lock bar and are designed to keep the rails of the file cabinet closed. The lock bar is a strong metal rail bar that prevents the cabinets from being opened.

Large free-standing file cabinets are well suited for lock bars. A file cabinet lock bar is designed to secure multiple cabinet drawers. This is an inexpensive way of securing an existing file cabinet because the bar is easily attached to most types of file cabinets and fits most cabinet sizes.

File cabinets are typically made from wood or metal. A file cabinet lock bar is made from steel. This is a solid bar that is placed on the outside of the cabinet drawers. The steel bar provides better security because it is difficult to break.

Heavy-duty file cabinets are good for storing important documents. This type of file cabinet is fire resistant and able to hold heavy material. A file cabinet lock bar can easily fit on most heavy-duty file cabinets.

A locking bar is specifically designed for cabinets that have a small metal strip on the either side of the drawers. If a file cabinet does not have an outer rail strip, the locking bar will not work. The locking bar is inserted into this vertical metal strip and has a swing arm that allows the cabinets to open when the bar is unlocked.

It is easy to install a file cabinet locking bar. This installation requires a few tools and some basic carpentry skills. The metal security bar is screwed into the existing cabinet, where the bar hinges attach. This requires some light drilling with a drill gun and simple attachment with a screwdriver.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book