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What is a Console Sink?

A console sink combines elegance and functionality, featuring a basin supported by legs, offering a spacious and airy feel to any bathroom. Its open design often includes a lower shelf for towels, blending practicality with a touch of class. Intrigued by how a console sink can transform your space? Discover the perfect style for your bathroom oasis.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A console sink style is wall-mounted with two front legs. Traditional console sinks basically consist of a white porcelain sink with metal or wooden front legs. There is either no counter top or a very small piece. Console sinks are usually installed in bathrooms rather than kitchens. A console sink may be modern or traditional in style.

Traditional console sinks often have turned wood legs. They may have both their porcelain sink and wood legs in white. A modern console sink is clean lined and geometrical, such as a round vessel on a rectangular stand. Vessel sinks look like bowls and are mounted directly on top of a stand or counter. An especially airy and elegant modern bathroom sink features a clear glass vessel and counter top piece on narrow metal front legs.

Metal console sink legs are usually made of chrome or nickel, although some are brass. The metal color should match the faucet metal for a cohesive look to bathroom decor. Modern console sinks also shouldn't be placed in traditional-styled bathrooms.

Unlike a console sink, a pedestal sink is typically closed at the base.
Unlike a console sink, a pedestal sink is typically closed at the base.

Many modern and traditional console sinks feature towel bars on the sides. Some have single or double open shelves as well. If a console sink has any counter space, it's usually beside the faucets. Typically, console sinks offer space for soap and a few small towels at most. A mirror is usually mounted above these sinks.

An advantage of console sinks is that a unique look can be given to them with the homeowner's choice of a mirror. For instance, many different shapes, sizes and colors of mirrors could work well with the same console sink. The homeowner can add his or her own preferred mirror to create personal style.

A console sink differs from pedestal sinks in that it's always mostly open at the base. A pedestal sink by contrast, is always mostly closed. The pedestal part may be a column or a stand, but it's usually solid without shelves or cupboards. The console refers to the legs and top that hold the sink; it's named after wall-mounted tables called consoles that have a similar leg style.

The sparse, compact design of console sinks makes them ideal for small bathrooms. They're usually quite cost-effective to install since they don't require cabinetry. The pipes from the wall to the sink should be shiny rather than rusty since they often show with console sinks.

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    • Unlike a console sink, a pedestal sink is typically closed at the base.
      By: david hughes
      Unlike a console sink, a pedestal sink is typically closed at the base.