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What is a Bar Table?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "bar table" can refer to several styles of tables, the most common of which are often seen in bars and pubs. These tables are usually quite tall and require tall bar stools in order to accommodate patrons. A bar table can be quite small and round, and it may feature crosspieces to be used as foot rests low on its legs. Other bar table designs are also quite tall, but they are larger and may be square or rectangle. The style, materials used, height, and function of bar tables will vary according to application, and they can be made to fit a certain aesthetic of a room.

While many other materials are available for construction of a bar table, wood is the most common material of choice. Wood may be the most common choice because it is the easiest to work with during construction, and it can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. A bar table is usually built so the table top is about chest height, so any stools or chairs that are placed at the table must also be quite tall.

Bar tables are available in numerous sizes and styles.
Bar tables are available in numerous sizes and styles.

Other materials, such as metal or even glass, can be used to construct bar tables. Metal legs combined with glass tabletops are not uncommon, though such construction may increase the price of the unit. The materials used generally depend on the aesthetic of the room in which the table or tables will be placed, as well as the frequency with which the tables will be used. Some tables are constructed to be wider than small, circular bar tables to accommodate more guests. Such wider tables may accommodate four or five people, or exceptionally long bar table designs may be made to accommodate larger crowds of people.

Some bar tables are designed to act as actual bars. They may feature cabinets or shelves beneath the tabletop, and they may be wide enough to accommodate several bar stools around one side of the table. A bartender can then use the other side of the bar table to administer drinks to patrons. Such a table is often very heavy-duty, though it is frequently much smaller than a full service bar. These bar tables are commonly seen at formal events such as weddings.

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    • Bar tables are available in numerous sizes and styles.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Bar tables are available in numerous sizes and styles.