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What are the Pros and Cons of Upholstery Velvet?

Christine Hudson
Christine Hudson

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using upholstery velvet. Two main pros of this fabric are its soft texture and luxurious look. Common cons of this fabric are that is can wear out quickly with use and is generally more difficult to clean than other fabrics.

The plush feel of upholstery velvet is quite welcoming and is one of the main reasons that people opt for it. It is usually soft to touch and blends with many décor styles. This velvet is available in a variety of solid colors and printed styles. It is also double-woven, which gives it a particularly luxurious feel. If the rich feel of a fabric is one of the most important factors to a person, then this fabric may be a good choice for him or her.

Woman posing
Woman posing

One of the biggest disadvantages of upholstery velvet is that it can be quite difficult to clean. This is especially true if the fabric has been stained. Usually, manufacturers recommend dry cleaning for velvet garments, but this is not possible for upholstery velvet. Instead, a user would need to vacuum regularly to remove surface dirt and use a steam carpet cleaner to get stains out.

Upholstery velvet also tends to wear of quickly with rough use. The soft side of the fabric needs gentle use and care to remain soft and not become matted or simply fade. Once this happens, the fabric needs to be replaced. This, coupled with the difficulty of removing stains and dirt from the fabric, makes it a poor choice for homes with small children.

When a person is buying new upholstery, it is important to keep several key issues in mind before making a final decision. A person would need to consider where the material would be used, whether it matches the décor of the room and whether the difficulty to clean it will be an issue. Couches, armchairs and other seating arrangements that use upholstery velvet can add a rich and warm look to the room, but not if the velvet is not well-kept. It is also often suggested that velvet be used sparingly in a home or room, though, as using too much gives a gaudy look and feel to the décor.

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This stuff is also terrible to use if you happen to have pets that like to sleep on your furniture when you're not looking. Velvet might be one of the least pet friendly fabrics on the planet, in fact -- a clawing cat or restless dog will tear it up in a hurry.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing