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What are the Pros and Cons of an Attic Bedroom?

An attic bedroom offers a cozy, private retreat, often with charming sloped ceilings and unique character. However, it can pose challenges with temperature regulation, limited space, and accessibility. Before deciding, consider how these factors align with your lifestyle. Curious about how to optimize an attic space or mitigate its drawbacks? Dive deeper into our comprehensive guide for transforming your attic into a dreamy haven.
Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

An attic bedroom can be a strikingly unique space with interesting corners, angles, and architectural features. Unfortunately, an attic can also be cold, small, and may reduce ventilation for the house. If one has a large budget with which to finish an attic, turning this space into an attic bedroom is almost always a great idea. On the other hand, finishing an attic can be expensive and may not be worth the trouble if one is on a small budget. The pros and cons of an attic bedroom are somewhat even, and it is open to the home owner to decide if it is a good idea to take on this project.

Making an attic bedroom out of an unfinished space can vastly increase the value of a home. If one is living in a three-bedroom house, that house will then be marketable as a four-bedroom house with an added attic bedroom. Having a finished attic, whether it is a bedroom or another kind of space, will increase the house's ability to retain heat, thereby reducing energy costs. Financially, even though an attic bedroom will reduce ventilation, most people consider finishing an attic to be a good decision.


The shape of an attic bedroom can either be a positive or negative feature. Architecturally, many people enjoy the look of an attic bedroom. A space that is shaped by the slant of a roof will always have visual interest, and certain features such as exposed brick or support beams can make the room particularly unique. Others find that the space is too small or that the slanting roof causes problems with storage and furniture.

Among the major problems with finishing an attic are costs related to replacing major parts of the room, such as the foundation. If the floor is not safe to walk on, it will likely be very expensive to finish the room. Also, it can be difficult to get furniture into and out of an attic depending on how the stairs are placed. It is a good idea to evaluate the actual cost of finishing the attic before deciding to turn it into a bedroom.

Whether the utility of the room is worth the cost of finishing the attic is also up for debate. An attic bedroom will likely be somewhat small, making it appropriate for children in particular. It may also not be very accessible if a person is unable to use the stairs. Just because the room is initially designed to be a bedroom does not mean it cannot become an office or a guest room later on. The room will likely always be useful, even if it is not always used as a bedroom.

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Discussion Comments


We used the loft area of our house as a bedroom. This is similar to an attic, except it is more open. One of the best advantages is that the room is big and spacious and this adds to the charm of the room.

What I have found most frustrating is trying to control the temperature. This room is always the hottest in the summer and the coldest in the winter. I have tried to balance this out with heated blankets when it is cold and extra fans when it is hot. The rest of the house stays pretty constant in temperature, but this room will vary by quite a lot.


We lived in a house that had a big attic space that was a nice place for a kids bedroom. It can be a little challenging decorating an attic bedroom because of the slanted walls and strange design of the room. These challenges are also what helps make the room so unique.

The biggest disadvantage to using this as a bedroom, is that there was not easy access to a bathroom. There were quite a few stairs going up to our attic, so in the middle of the night it was not very convenient when you had to come all the way down stairs to use the bathroom.

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