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What are the Different Types of Bedroom Vanities?

Bedroom vanities come in diverse styles, each reflecting personal taste and functionality. From classic, ornate designs to sleek, modern units, they can include mirrors, ample storage, and integrated lighting. Whether you're seeking a luxurious statement piece or a minimalist touch, there's a vanity to suit your space. How will you choose the perfect one to enhance your daily routine?
Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

Bedroom vanities may vary greatly from one model to the next in order to offer a wide array of choices to suit almost any customer. The material from which this furniture is made is one such option. The colors and designs available also tend to be numerous. Various features such as drawers, a seat, and the type of mirror used could lend additional personalization to bedroom vanities. Different shapes provide even more options for customers seeking to fill a specific space in the bedroom.

Vanities may be crafted from wood, metal, or other products. Less expensive pieces of furniture may not use high-quality materials; thus, they might not prove to be sturdy. Depending on personal preference, a customer often has many options in this area.

Many bedroom vanities include a mirror.
Many bedroom vanities include a mirror.

The design of bedroom vanities is important to some consumers who want this piece of furniture to closely match other furniture and design motifs in the room. For instance, a classic dark stain or paint might be desired by one person, while another customer could prefer a more modern piece of furniture with sharp, thin lines or a glass or mirrored table top. With so many options on the market, most people should be able to find a vanity to suit even the most personalized homes.

Bedroom vanities often have many features that differ between furniture sets. While some vanities have no built-in drawers, others do offer this type of storage. Some models have a single, center drawer, while others have multiple drawers down one or both front legs. The drawers could be useful for keeping make-up, jewelry, and other personal items.

Sometimes bedroom vanities consist of a wall-mounted mirror and shelf. A vanity might be tall and narrow or shorter and wider; others could fit snugly into the corner of a room. The many size options available allow most customers to find the exact piece of furniture for many rooms and configurations.

Most bedroom vanities come as a set that includes a desk-like table, mirror, and some type of seat. A stool is a common seating feature, and some even have hidden storage space. Some customers may prefer a chair with back support.

There are various types of mirrors to choose from as well. Many mirrors are bolted to the top of the vanity, though some models require that the mirror be purchased separately and placed or fastened on top by the owner; a mirror could also be hung on the wall directly above a vanity. Some mirrors are relatively small and rounded. A tri-fold mirror may also be a common feature of some vanities that can allow one to more easily see a profile or get a view from behind.

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    • Many bedroom vanities include a mirror.
      By: diego cervo
      Many bedroom vanities include a mirror.