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What Are the Different Uses for Dried Rose Petals?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Dried rose petals often make an excellent addition to scented potpourri. They can also be mixed with melted wax and used to make unusual candles. Some individuals also use rose petals in their bath water, or to make rose water. To make an interesting piece of art, these dried flower petals can be pressed between two pieces of glass, framed, and hung on the wall.

Making potpourri is one of the most popular uses for dried rose petals. To make potpourri with rose petals, they can be combined with other fragrant dried flowers and spices, such as cinnamon sticks. Essential oils are also often added to potpourri. The entire mixture is then usually placed in an attractive bowl and set out on a table or shelf to add a pleasant fragrance to a room.

A red rose.
A red rose.

Dried rose petals can also be used in candle making. A small amount of melted wax is first usually poured into a clear glass container with a wick in the middle, and the rose petals can be placed around the edges of the container on top of the melted wax. Layers of melted wax and rose petals are then added to the container until it is full.

Decorative pillar candles can also be made with dried rose petals. To do this, a pillar candle should first be purchased or made. It can then be dipped into or rolled in clear melted wax, and the petals can be stuck to the sides of the candle before the wax sets. Another layer of melted clear wax should then be used to cover the sides of the candles to ensure that the petals stay put.

Dried and fresh rose petals can also be added to bath water. They can either simply be dumped into the tub or bundled in cheesecloth first. Adding rose petals to hot bath water creates a pleasant fragrance.

A yellow rose.
A yellow rose.

Some individuals also prefer to make rosewater from dried rose petals. People can drink this concoction, or spray or splash it on their faces. Making rose water is generally very simple. The rose petals are usually allowed to simmer in water for several minutes. They are then removed before the water is used.

Pressed dried rose petals can also be used to create art. They can be mounted on a sturdy piece of cardboard and covered with glass, for example, or they can be sandwiched between two pieces of glass. These can then be framed and hung on the wall.

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Can soap be made from dried rose petals? Will it be okay if I just add the dried rose petals to the rest of the ingredients?

Can I boil the rose petals and use that to give soap a pink color and rosy scent?

Has anyone tried this? If it works, I think it would be great.


Rose water is the best face tonic ever. I make it every year with rose petals from our garden. It smells so good and it's wonderful for my skin.


I like gulab ka sharbat, rose sherbet, made with red fragrant rose petals.

This is a really popular cold drink in Southeast Asia and it's usually drank in the summer because it's good for cooling down.

The sherbet is made with rose petals and sugar and refrigerated. You can mix some of the sherbet with cold water and ice and the sherbet is ready to drink. They also have all-ready versions of this now but the fresh one is best.

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    • A red rose.
      By: Nikolai Sorokin
      A red rose.
    • A yellow rose.
      By: terex
      A yellow rose.
    • Dried rose petals provide a pleasant scent to warm bath water.
      By: G√ľnter Menzl
      Dried rose petals provide a pleasant scent to warm bath water.