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What are the Different Types of Vanity Stools?

Vanity stools come in a delightful array of styles, from classic tufted designs to modern, sleek lines. They can be adorned with luxurious fabrics, feature adjustable heights, or incorporate storage options. Whether you're seeking a statement piece or a minimalist touch, there's a vanity stool to suit your personal taste and bathroom decor. What style speaks to you?
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

There are many types of vanities for the bedroom or bathroom, so it is not surprising that there are also several kinds of vanity stools available. Aside from the height, the main difference between most stools is the material that they are made of. For example, there are metal vanity stools available, most of which feature ornate details that set them apart from other types. Wood stools are also popular, and often include carved designs. Finally, wicker stools are also often available, with seats that do not even need additional cushioning due to the material's natural softness.

Metal vanity stools are often stylish, frequently featuring decorative swirls and designs in the metal. For instance, parts of the metal frame may be twisted into the shape of a scroll, leaf, or other elegant outline, offering either a delicate look or a strong feel, depending on how thick the metal is. There are also many metal finishes available, such as copper, bronze, nickel, or black, to name some of the most popular ones. This way, the stool can match nearly any room, typically resulting in an elegant look. Leather or upholstered cushions often adorn this type of stool, adding comfort and style.

A mahogany finish is one of the most popular ways to finish a vanity stool.
A mahogany finish is one of the most popular ways to finish a vanity stool.

A wood vanity stool can bring a traditional feel to any room, especially when it includes carvings or other accents, such as beadwork. In addition, various wood finishes are available, and some vanity stools even feature two different finishes for some contrast. Cherry and mahogany are usually the most popular finishes, though lighter woods, and stools painted white, are also usually available. For those who are on a budget but desiring the look of wood, stools made with wood veneer usually look nearly as good as those made of the real material, and are less expensive. This type of stool usually comes with cushioning to add some comfort, though wood stools are usually easier to use without a cushion than the metal kind.

Vanity stools may have beaded accents.
Vanity stools may have beaded accents.

Wicker stools are usually known for their built-in comfort since they are usually much softer than wood or metal. Therefore, this kind of stool does not always need extra cushioning, though it often comes with it anyway. In some cases, just the seat is made of wicker, with wood or metal supporting the stool, but vanity stools made completely of wicker are also available. While this kind of stool comes either with or without a chair back, it does not usually have the ability to swivel like some metal or wood vanity stools might.

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    • A mahogany finish is one of the most popular ways to finish a vanity stool.
      By: vadim yerofeyev
      A mahogany finish is one of the most popular ways to finish a vanity stool.
    • Vanity stools may have beaded accents.
      By: Vyacheslav Plyasenko
      Vanity stools may have beaded accents.