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What Are the Different Types of Peacock Decor?

Peacock decor dazzles with its vibrant colors and exotic charm, ranging from intricate wall art and statues to elegant textiles and glassware. Each piece captures the peacock's majestic beauty, infusing your space with a touch of nature's splendor. How might these opulent accents transform your home's ambiance? Join us as we unveil the allure of peacock-inspired decor.
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Peacock decor includes outdoor ornaments and interior decorations, some of which contain genuine peacock feathers. Peacock decor for the lawn, such as fountains and garden ponds, is often constructed of resin due to the durability and weatherproofing it provides. Many interior decorators prefer wall art and oil paintings as part of peacock decor. Metal or ceramic sculptures with a peacock motif are often placed on tables or stands. Complementing the bedroom decor, peacock designs may be seen on blankets, comforters, or decorative pillow shams.

Many homeowners prefer to place a decorative wreath on the front door. Wreaths may contain actual peacock feathers in bright color variations. Blue and green are the colors most commonly seen in peacock wreath decor. Additionally, silk flowers may be used to adorn the wreath.

A peacock feather.
A peacock feather.

Other peacock decor ideas include functional items, such as tables, chairs, and lamps. Lighting with a peacock motif may include candelabras and chandeliers, as well as table lamps and lampshades. Glass lighting fixtures may feature colorful peacock designs, although this type of unique decor will typically be custom made.

Mosaic tiles designed with a peacock motif are sometimes seen on table tops and nightstands. Enhancing peacock decor, mirrors make a nice accent for any room of the house. Peacock decor is often made with stained glass.

For a formal dining room, some prefer to use peacock-inspired tablecloths and decorative vases. Place settings may also be designed with a peacock motif. For the true collector of peacock decor, porcelain dinnerware may complete the look.

Peacock designs are often found in ornamental wall decor. Asian-style fans with peacock designs may be depicted in a painting, or be hand crafted of silk and other fine materials. Fine art prints may consist of actual photographs of peacocks.

Decor may include bead embellishments.
Decor may include bead embellishments.

Oriental-inspired keepsakes, such as jewelry and music boxes, are often created with a peacock motif. This type of decorative peacock decor is also functional, as it may be used to store jewelry and other trinkets. Many are lined with gold-trimmed accents and hand crafted in porcelain.

For holiday decorating, glass Christmas tree ornaments may be designed with a peacock motif. Bright colors, such as peacock blue and teal, are often used. Many peacock Christmas tree ornaments are hand painted by talented artisans.

Those who decorate with native American accessories and furnishings may find peacock designs with a southwestern motif. For the bedroom, dream catchers may be made with genuine peacock feathers in shades of bright blue and green. Some peacock accessories are accented with beads and gemstones.

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Discussion Comments


@seag47 – I know what you are talking about, because my neighbor has a peacock that runs loose. It lights in the tree outside my house and screams at random.

However, that hasn't stopped me from buying peacock décor. I have some peacock curtains in my front windows, and I wonder if maybe the bird is drawn to them!

They are dark blue and shimmery, and each one has a giant peacock on the front and back. They are easy to see from the road, and I can enjoy the other side from my living room.


I can't stand actual peacocks, but I do love peacock décor. The birds themselves are so annoying. They make a very loud noise, and it is quite alarming, but their feathers are irresistibly beautiful.

My favorite painting is a bright acrylic one of a giant peacock tail in full fan. The artist took the time to put detail into each feather, and the result was visually powerful.

I think that you can't go wrong with peacock décor. Just don't talk yourself into getting an actual peacock, because you will be sorry.


My friend makes various arts and crafts for a living, and she gets lots of requests for peacock items. The crafts store where she gets her supplies actually sells peacock feathers by the bag, so that must mean this type of décor is pretty popular.

She makes lots of hair accessories from them, but she also attaches them to household items. She has sold several little plastic trash cans with peacock feathers all along the rim. This doesn't seem very practical, but they are pretty.

I think my favorite peacock item she has made is the centerpiece wreath. It is woven with feathers and twigs, and it is designed to have something like a basket placed in its center. I have seen her serve biscuits out of the one she has on her table, and as people reach across the feathers to grab one, they always comment on how lovely the centerpiece is.


I have a set of peacock pillar candles that I never intend to burn, because that would destroy the design. The image of the peacock wraps around the candle, and it's tail is partially open, so the beautiful feathers can be seen on over half of the candle.

I got these candles to set upon my peacock side tables. The top of it is made of colorful tiles placed in a peacock feather design, and the tiles radiate out from the center.

I have two tables and two candles. I am really fond of peacock décor, so I plan to add more items to my house as time goes on. The prettier the items, the more they cost, so I have to decorate slowly.

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    • A peacock feather.
      By: Evgeniya Moroz
      A peacock feather.
    • Decor may include bead embellishments.
      By: Vyacheslav Plyasenko
      Decor may include bead embellishments.