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What are the Different Types of Jewelry Boxes?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

From playful styles meant for little girls to exceptional handcrafted jewelry cases, cupboards and chests, jewelry boxes come in all shapes, sizes, functions and price ranges. Different styles of jewelry boxes are used for different types of jewelry, from costume pieces to fine jewels.

Many little girls love trademark character jewelry boxes and those that come complete with wind up music boxes. This style is usually made from heavy cardboard or pressboard and boxes made for children usually contain a small mirror so that little princesses can check their look after putting on their jewelry. These jewelry chests are inexpensive and make a great gift for little girls. There are also small dresser style boxes for children that look like tiny chests of drawers. They are often painted in bright colors and the little drawers are usually lined with soft fabric to protect the jewelry they hold.

A gift box containing jewelry.
A gift box containing jewelry.

For adults, there are many different types and styles of jewelry boxes to fit every need, and they are not just for women. There are watch boxes, valet boxes and other styles specifically for men. From standing jewelry cabinets that make a great accessory for your room to lined, locked cases to transport precious jewels, there is a jewelry case for every person and every need.

A man giving a woman jewelry.
A man giving a woman jewelry.

Aside from standard styles, there are also beautiful handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes made from natural woods such as teak, oak and mahogany. Sanded to perfection, beautifully stained and protected with a shiny clear coat, these exquisite boxes make lovely home accents. Larger jewelry cabinets, especially taller models with carved legs, can feel more like a piece of furniture than a simple jewelry storage box.

Even costume jewelry can be put into a jewelry box.
Even costume jewelry can be put into a jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes can also be covered in leather, a style perfect for men or for use as a keepsake box. There are also small, simple, inexpensive options such as ring boxes, and even cardboard boxes with compartments that make it easy to sort your jewelry. These fit nicely into lingerie drawers or overnight bags.

Jewelry boxes make great gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or even just because.

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I think that jewelry boxes must be a very common gift for women and girls. I received a very large jewelry box for my birthday when I was about twelve, and it was definitely different from the one I had had before; jewelry boxes for women are just much larger and often have more special compartments. It did feel sort of like a rite of passage to receive it.


I remember the first jewelry box I received. It was like many jewelry boxes for girls, a small wood finish box that I got on my sixth birthday. I still have it, somewhere, though it's way too small to hold all of my jewelry now.


Musical jewelry boxes are lovely, though I would recommend keeping only a few items in them, unless they have a switch to turn the music off. It can get a little annoying to hear the music every day, even if it is a tune that you love.

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    • A gift box containing jewelry.
      A gift box containing jewelry.
    • A man giving a woman jewelry.
      By: sakura
      A man giving a woman jewelry.
    • Even costume jewelry can be put into a jewelry box.
      By: elen_studio
      Even costume jewelry can be put into a jewelry box.