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What Are the Different Types of Italian Chairs?

Italian chairs are a testament to the country's rich design heritage, ranging from classic Chiavari chairs, known for their elegance at weddings, to the futuristic lines of modernist pieces. Each type embodies a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Curious about how these styles can transform your space? Let's explore the beauty and diversity of Italian seating together.
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Italian chairs come in various styles, with some designed in a contemporary design, while others are a traditional style. Many Italian chairs are framed in various types of wood. Authentic Italian chairs designed in Italy may be purchased online and directly from the manufacturer. Side chairs, or arm chairs, are one of the most common types of Italian chairs and these may be styled with an upholstered seat. Italian dining chairs often have high backs and are made with a stained wood finish.

One popular Italian chair for the dining room is a modern style created with steel and chrome. This style of chair typically includes a wood seat. The wood may be cherry, oak, or walnut. This Italian chair will typically feature a sleek, one-piece design in an armless style.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Many styles of Italian chairs feature one-piece designs made in leather. A dining chair in a vintage Italian style is generally more costly than the steel and chrome varieties. These leather chairs may be coated with a protective varnish. The legs of the chair will be constructed of high quality wood, with walnut being a popular choice.

Another type of popular chair often seen in Italian designs would be a lattice back dining chair. It is typically constructed of sturdy beechwood and will feature wood strips set in an embellished crossed design. This wood framed chair will typically feature a seat that can be designed in various types of fabric and colors.

Italian office chairs are another essential part of European furniture. These Italian chairs are designed for comfort and style and are found in many office settings throughout Italy and Europe. Italian executive chairs generally feature a high back and are made from high quality Italian leather. Although these Italian office chairs may be available in several colors, black leather is highly favored. Some Italian office chairs feature a leather seat with a mesh back and incorporate tilt control with caster wheels for mobility.

Many fine furniture stores sell reproduction antique Italian chairs. Some of these Italian styled chairs are replicas from the 18th century. One style is referred to as an imperial damask design accent arm chair. This type of Italian chair is framed in wood and will typically have an upholstered seat in a tapestry design. Other antique Italian chairs are replicas from the 15th and 16th centuries, which are typically high backed and may feature velvet or silk fabric padded seats.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book