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What are the Different Types of Autumn Flowers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Autumn flowers are known for flourishing in the fall more than any other season. Fortunately, there are many available to choose from for those planning fall events. Some of the most popular autumn blooming flowers include freesia, gerbera daisies, lilies, orchids, and roses. All of these flowers do quite well in cool weather, and most begin to droop as winter approaches.

Many people know freesia as a common ingredient in various perfumes, body sprays, and lotions, as its scent is quite pleasant and fruity. It is also known for being hardy enough to make it through chilly fall weather. This type of autumn flower comes in nearly every color except blue, and its small size makes it perfect for filling out large bouquets.

Daisies are a popular autumn flower.
Daisies are a popular autumn flower.

Gerbera daisies are autumn flowers that are quite popular to place in bridal bouquets for fall weddings. They come in various colors and sizes so that they can suit nearly everyone. They do not feature a scent, but they come in both two-toned colors and solid shades, and boast either a black or yellow middle. They are also popular to place as centerpieces, either at special events or around the house, especially since they tend to last a long time.

Many varieties of roses bloom in the fall.
Many varieties of roses bloom in the fall.

Lilies are also autumn flowers that appeal to many people, as they come in various colors. Two of the most popular shades for the fall are red and orange, as many fall brides can attest to. The scent is subtle and unique, which also makes them nice for having around the house in the fall. Unfortunately, lilies are considered delicate autumn flowers, meaning that they do well at the start of the season, but begin to wilt when it becomes wet and cold toward the start of winter.

Another type of autumn flower that does best when the weather is mild and dry is the orchid. Though rather delicate, there are many types of these autumn flowers available, so that most people can find at least one that they adore. One of the types of orchids that is considered an autumn flower is the Dendrobium, which tends to bloom in early fall and lasts about two months. It comes in many shapes and colors, and like most other orchids, rarely has a scent.

Roses are popular at various fall events, as there are plenty of colors to choose from. Like lilies and orchids, these autumn flowers are considered fragile and tend to droop in wet weather. Though different types of roses are usually available all year round, they are often chosen for fall weddings and other special events because they are offered in red, orange, and yellow, which are all common fall shades.

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@Scrbblchick-- I love color around my mailbox, too. I've found some very pretty dianthus I've planted. Those are little feathery flowers. So pretty. Pansies and mums are easy, too, so that's a big advantage.

I've also planted marigolds in late summer and had them do well until the first frost, which, in my part of the country, may not be until late November. I've worn shorts on Thanksgiving Day before.

I also like asters and of course, Gerbera daisies. But the nice thing about pansies, especially, is that they don't fade in winter. They just keep blooming. Mums are also great for long-lasting blooms. They hold up until the weather gets really, really cold.


I always plant pansies and mums around my mailbox so I'll have something blooming through the fall and winter. They are very easy to care for, so they're great for cool weather.

A couple of years ago, my pansies were really gorgeous and they were such a bright burst of color during the gray winter days. People walking by in the neighborhood would stop and look at the flowers. They would smile and I know the flowers were as cheerful for them as they were for me. I always hope my mailbox flowers do well because they really do cheer me up on a dreary day.

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    • Daisies are a popular autumn flower.
      By: Friedberg
      Daisies are a popular autumn flower.
    • Many varieties of roses bloom in the fall.
      By: Studio Porto Sabbia
      Many varieties of roses bloom in the fall.