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What Are the Best Tips for Making an Iris Bouquet?

Crafting an iris bouquet is an art that combines aesthetics with technique. Select irises with vibrant, unblemished petals and trim stems at an angle for better water absorption. Intersperse with greenery for contrast, and choose a vase that supports the stems. Remember, balance is key—mix colors and sizes for visual harmony. Curious about the symbolism behind each hue? Let's explore further.
Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters

Irises are large flowers that can be used to make an attractive, showy bouquet, whether you cut your flowers at home or buy them from a store. An iris bouquet is typically tall, but you can blend shorter stalks in with the larger ones to add to the visual appeal of the bouquet, as well as mixing colors. It is important to handle the cut flowers carefully so that they will last as long as possible by keeping them in water from the moment they are cut, feeding them, and being careful where you place them so that the iris bouquet won’t die too soon.

In addition to deep blue or purple, irises come in many different colors, including white, yellow, and orange. An iris bouquet can either be a collection of flowers of a single color, such as all purple, or it can be a mix of many colors, such as a combination of yellow, white, gold, and blue. Choose a color that goes with the room the bouquet will be placed in, or use contrasting colors to make the flowers pop out of their surroundings.

Irises come in a variety of colors.
Irises come in a variety of colors.

Careful handling of the flowers will help to ensure that an iris bouquet lasts as long as possible. Flowers should be cut only after the bloom is fully opened, as an iris will not usually finish blooming in a vase. They are best cut from the garden in the early morning, when the stems contain as much water as possible, giving the plants a firm, upright appearance. Clip down low on the stalk with sharp shears to avoid crushing the stems, cutting at a 45° angle to provide more area for the flower to take up water. Immediately place the cut flowers in a bucket of water so that they don’t have time to start drying out, which will help them to stay fresh much longer.

It is important to keep irises in water from the moment they are cut so that they will last as long as possible.
It is important to keep irises in water from the moment they are cut so that they will last as long as possible.

When you arrange an iris bouquet, avoid keeping the flowers out of water more than a few seconds, if at all possible. If you do have to take them out, or if you are arranging flowers that you purchased rather than cut from a home garden, you can help to extend their useful life by placing the end of the stems under water and trimming them without lifting them out. Immediately move them into a vase full of water and leave them there. Don’t place the iris bouquet near ripening fruit, especially apples, as the gases that fruit gives off can cause your flowers to wilt prematurely.

Add nutrients to the water for the iris bouquet to provide essential nutrition that will help the flowers to last longer. You can buy pre-packaged additives for cut flowers that not only provide carbohydrates to extend the life of the flowers, but also contain antibacterial components that help prevent the growth of unwanted organisms in the vase. If any flowers look dead, remove them immediately; also, if there is any slime clinging to the other flower stems, rinse them off, rinse out the vase, and re-fill it with fresh water and nutrients.

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@heavanet- Though the two may sound like a strange combination, roses and irises together in a bouquet look fabulous. Much like with green leaves, the roses make a great contrast with the irises because the two types of flowers are so different from each other.

When mixing roses and irises, it is important to make sure that you remove the thorns from the rose stems. Since irises do not have thorns, you want to ensure that anyone who picks up the bouquet will not unsuspectingly be be stuck by the thorns.


When putting together an iris bouquet, I like to include some greenery such as extra foliage from the iris plant or some stems from fern plants. Whether you choose to put together an iris bouquet of one color or multiple colors, the greenery makes a great contrast to the colors.

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    • Irises come in a variety of colors.
      By: Azaliya (Elya Vatel)
      Irises come in a variety of colors.
    • It is important to keep irises in water from the moment they are cut so that they will last as long as possible.
      By: Diana Taliun
      It is important to keep irises in water from the moment they are cut so that they will last as long as possible.