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What Are the Different Types of Apple Decor?

Apple decor comes in various delightful forms, from charming kitchen accessories to whimsical wall art. It includes functional items like canisters and dish towels, and decorative pieces such as figurines and wreaths. Each type adds a cozy, harvest-time warmth to your home. Curious about how to incorporate these designs into your space? Let's explore the possibilities together.
B. Miller
B. Miller

There are many different types of apple decor available for decorating the home. Apple decor is a very popular choice for country homes or just to give homes a "country" feel, and though it is most common in the kitchen, some people carry the apple theme throughout the house. Though there are some simple apple decorations for the walls, many are utilitarian as well as decorative, such as apple tablecloths or dishtowels, clocks, baskets, or bowls, just to name a few. Apple wallpaper and curtains are also very popular to use in kitchens, or some people just stencil apples onto plain painted walls.

Apple curtains for the kitchen are a great way to make the theme more noticeable without making changes to the walls, however. Cafe-style curtains are most popular for the kitchen, with a scalloped valance across the top of the window, and a full curtain across the bottom half of the window for privacy. These may be made with lace, and simply stitched with the apple pattern, or feature appliqued or sewn colored apples stitched into the fabric, which are more colorful. For those who want apple decor on the walls, but don't want to paint or wallpaper the whole room, a wallpaper border is a great option as well.


The options for apple decor extend to the countertop as well. Jars for holding sugar, flour, or spices are available, as well as everything from spice racks, to measuring cups, to napkin holders. Basically, any imaginable type of item for the kitchen is available with an apple on it. For use in the kitchen, apple dish towels are common as well, in addition to tablecloths. Baking dishes in the shape of an apple, or simply with painted apple designs, may also be available, as well as complete dinnerware sets with matching plates, glasses, etc.

Of course, apple decor is not simply limited to the kitchen. Apple wall decorations, such as paintings, carvings, or iron signs, can be displayed in any area of the home. Wall clocks in the shape of an apple are also popular types of decor that can be used anywhere. Glass apples can look nice placed in a display case or on a decorative shelf. Rugs or welcome mats decorated with apples are yet another option to use outdoors or throughout the home. The apple decor an individual chooses to use in her home is limited only by his or her tastes, because there is no shortage of options!

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