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What are the Advantages of Iron Fencing?

Iron fencing offers unmatched durability and timeless elegance, enhancing property aesthetics and value. Its strength provides superior security, while its versatility allows for customized designs. With minimal maintenance, it stands resilient against harsh weather, ensuring long-lasting protection. Interested in how iron fencing can redefine your home's boundaries? Let's examine its transformative impact on your personal space.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Although iron fencing is an expensive option that also requires professional installation, its many advantages are often said to outweigh its disadvantages. A wrought iron fence is extremely decorative, with an artistic elegance that can't be matched by other fencing materials. Wrought iron refers to metal that's been heated to allow it to be be shaped into beautiful scrolls, or curves, as well as straight and twisted spires, or posts. The many possible openwork shapes and black color of iron fencing make it an art piece as well as a low-maintenance, strong, long-lasting, secure border on a property.

To deter would-be trespassers or burglars, an iron fence can feature pointed, spear-like finials, or top portions. Since the spires, or main vertical posts, of wrought iron fencing is so thin and smooth, it's naturally a difficult material for climbing. The narrowness and openwork design of a wrought iron fence can make it appear deceptively fragile as well as purely ornamental. Yet, despite it's narrow, detailed elegance that leaves open space between the spires and scrolls, wrought iron is an extremely strong, secure material.

Wrought iron fencing can be extremely decorative.
Wrought iron fencing can be extremely decorative.

The dual advantages of openness yet security make iron fencing a favorite choice around gardens and pools. The black color of the fencing as well as its scrolled, ornate designs make it serve as a striking frame against flowers and greenery in a garden setting. It also tends to contrast well with swimming pool and deck colors. Unlike its iron counterpart, chain link fencing has an industrial or institutional look that can detract from the artistic beauty of landscaped, outdoor settings. Chain links can also be cut quite easily, while gates with locks added to iron fences help keep pools safe and yards secure.

The low-maintenance properties of an iron fence are another popular advantage. Unlike wood fencing, there is no need for frequent repainting. Rotting, warping and insect damage are other issues for wooden fences, but not wrought iron types. An iron fence is also extremely weatherproof and stands up well in all seasons. The only maintenance iron fencing typically needs is a twice yearly check for sections that may require a little refinishing.

All of the advantages of iron fences make their cost a wise investment in most cases. Iron fencing can appeal to home buyers and create more curb appeal than standard options such as wood or chain link. Whereas these common, basic fences are considered nondescript, or undistinguished, wrought iron options have much sought-after character.

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    • Wrought iron fencing can be extremely decorative.
      By: Swet
      Wrought iron fencing can be extremely decorative.