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What are the Advantages of Fiberglass Doors?

Nychole Price
Nychole Price

In the late 1990s, fiberglass doors were invented as an alternative to wooden doors. The problem with these doors, though, was that they actually resembled the fiberglass bottom of a boat. Thanks to advances in technology, and a new process referred to as Accugrain™, fiberglass can be modified to resemble that of oak and mahogany wood grain. Due to the change in their appearance, many homeowners now enjoy the look and beauty of real wood, but with the numerous advantages of fiberglass.

The main advantage to fiberglass doors is that they are durable. Fiberglass can with stand the extreme Arctic cold, desert heat, and the damaging ocean salt. Even when exposed to these extremes, they will not crack, split, warp or rot. Fiberglass is also dent and corrosion resistant, as well as being rustproof.

Fiberglass doors can withstand desert heat.
Fiberglass doors can withstand desert heat.

Fiberglass doors are also environmentally friendly. Every fiberglass door that is installed means one less wooden door that is manufactured. This greatly lessens the amount of trees that are cut down for the manufacturing of wood doors. The fact that a fiberglass door lasts longer also means less doors are manufactured.

Saving on energy costs is another advantage to installing fiberglass doors. A fiberglass door is filled with polyurethane foam, which offers five times more energy efficiency than wooden doors can provide. The framed glass entrance doors have either a double, or triple pane, to help cut on cooling and heating costs.

Doors made from fiberglass provide an extra layer of security from intruders. The double, or triple pane, glass will not shatter should an intruder attempt to break it. They also have a minimum 12 inch (30.48 cm) lock block that adds more strength, should a burglar attempt forced entry.

Fiberglass doors are very versatile. They can be either factory-finished or factory-primed. Doors that are factory-finished may be stained to match the wood products around, or in, your house. Factory-primed doors are ready to be painted with an exterior grade oil-based paint. Due to the fact that fiberglass doors don't swell or shrink during changing weather conditions, the finish lasts up to three times longer than it does when applied to wood doors.

Unlike wood doors, most fiberglass doors come with a warranty. This warranty is usually for a lifetime, and covers the owner against factory defects. It does not, however, provide any guarantees against damage caused by the owner.

The initial purchase of a fiberglass door can be expensive. With the numerous savings, though, it will quickly pay for itself. It is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.

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This article makes a good point about fiberglass doors resembling wood doors. I have an exterior fiberglass door on my home, and my friends and family have asked me if it is made of real wood.


Fiberglass exterior doors are also easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

You can simply wipe dirt and grime off fiberglass doors with soap and warm water. You also never have to treat or refinish them like you do exterior doors that are made of wood.

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    • Fiberglass doors can withstand desert heat.
      By: vladischern
      Fiberglass doors can withstand desert heat.