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What are the Advantages of Berber Carpet?

Berber carpet boasts remarkable durability and stain resistance, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Its looped design and dense weave offer a comfortable underfoot experience, while the variety of patterns and colors can complement any home decor. Intrigued by how Berber carpet could transform your living space? Discover the full spectrum of its benefits in our comprehensive guide.
J. Beam
J. Beam

As a home flooring option, Berber carpet has certain advantages over other styles in some situations. While once used primarily as a commercial-grade carpet, commonly seen in offices, classrooms, and other high traffic areas, this type of carpet has been re-designed over the years to offer a more stylish, yet durable, option for home carpeting. While this type of flooring could be used in any room, the rooms where Berber is the most popular choice are finished basements, home offices, recreational rooms, playrooms, and three-season rooms.

One of the primary advantages of this carpet is its durability. A carpet that wears well and stands up to high traffic, Berber is an excellent choice for the aforementioned spaces. It is a loop-pile carpet that is often flecked with darker threads of yarn on a lighter primary background. The most common materials used in this type are nylon and olefin, with the yarn being denser than other high-loop or plush carpet varieties.

A benefit of berber carpeting is its durability.
A benefit of berber carpeting is its durability.

Berber carpet also tends to vacuum well, leaving no marks or footprints, which helps it to look newer longer. While it does reflect a more stain-resistant carpet option, especially when pre-treated, liquid stains can be particularly difficult to remove because of the thorough absorption into the dense fibers. Professional cleaning is typically recommended for large stains and certain liquid spills, however, the more varied the colors of loops, the better the carpet will hide certain stains.

Berber carpets are sometimes made with camel hair.
Berber carpets are sometimes made with camel hair.

Another advantage is price. Berber carpets tend to be less expensive than the same-grade counterparts in plush or high-pile. Some Berbers can be expensive, especially those made of wool or camel hair, but yard for yard, this is typically a more affordable carpet style. Though pleasing enough from a decorative standpoint, this type of carpet provides a more casual look than most plush carpets and may not be suitable for all decors.

Berber carpet may be used in a sun room.
Berber carpet may be used in a sun room.

One of the primary disadvantages of Berber carpet stems from the its construction. If a snag occurs and goes untreated, a homeowner can loose a whole section of carpet if it unravels. For this reason, this style may not be the best choice for areas where pets with sharp claws roam freely. Proper care of the carpet, including checking for snags during routine vacuuming and cutting any snagged loops, will help avoid major problems.

Berber carpet may be used in high traffic areas.
Berber carpet may be used in high traffic areas.

For certain rooms and budgets, Berber can be an good carpet choice that lasts a long time. Homeowners should keep in mind that this style does not offer the same softness as plush, high-pile carpets, but because of its durability, can be the perfect carpet choice for functionality over form.

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Discussion Comments


I have Berber carpet in my three-season room and this has worked out great. I used to have tile in this room, but the tiles were always cold, so I wanted something that had more warmth to it.

A plush carpet would look out of place in this area, so Berber seemed like the best choice. I enjoy having a carpeted room, and love how easily it cleans up. I also went with a neutral color that doesn't show dirt very easily.


I had a bad experience with Berber carpet and am not sure if I would buy it again or not. It holds up well to our high traffic areas, especially with kids and pets, but a large portion of the carpet unraveled before I could do anything about it.

One of the kids pulled at the string that was sticking out of the carpet, and just kept pulling. By the time I got in the room, a large part of the carpet was gone.

We ended up replacing all of the carpet in the room with a different kind of carpet that was still durable but wouldn't snag as easily.


When we were doing some remodeling on our house, we were looking at several different carpet samples for a small room that we converted into an office/den. We brought home several different samples from the carpet store before finally deciding on berber carpet for this room.

This was the first time I had berber carpet in my house, so didn't really know what to expect. I found that I do like the casual look and it is very easy to keep clean. Because the computer is in that room, the kids are in there a lot and there is always something that is getting spilled. It is nice to have something that looks nice, but is also durable.


I love the look and feel of berber carpet for certain rooms of the house. Any place where you get high traffic and might have a lot of food and spills where kids are going to be hanging out, berber can be a good choice.

You don't get the plush feel that you get with many carpets, but it is so easy to keep clean and you don't need to worry so much about it taking a lot of wear and tear. We went with a neutral colored nylon berber carpet for our family room in the basement.

This room is a very casual and comfortable place to hang out, and because the basement stays cool I wanted carpet on the floor. I also wanted something that was easy to take care of and didn't show dirt. This has been a perfect solution for this room in our house, and I would definitely use it again when we need to replace it.

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    • A benefit of berber carpeting is its durability.
      By: tdoes
      A benefit of berber carpeting is its durability.
    • Berber carpets are sometimes made with camel hair.
      By: ruticar
      Berber carpets are sometimes made with camel hair.
    • Berber carpet may be used in a sun room.
      By: Wollwerth Imagery
      Berber carpet may be used in a sun room.
    • Berber carpet may be used in high traffic areas.
      By: Jodie Johnson
      Berber carpet may be used in high traffic areas.