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What are Some Craft Ideas for Ribbon?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Ribbon adds the perfect touch to many projects and there are many great craft ideas for ribbon. Everything from stuffed animals and dolls to gifts and home décor can be decorated with ribbon. Plus, spools of ribbon or ribbon remnants go on sale often, which can make it an affordable craft option.

Gift Wrap

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

One of the best craft ideas for ribbon is also environmentally friendly. Instead of disposable ribbon to wrap gifts, scraps of ribbons left over from craft projects make excellent present toppers. The person receiving the gift may continue the idea and the ribbon could be reused multiple times. Along the same lines, substituting the gift wrap for a remnant of nice fabric is a perfect idea for wrapping up a present for a friend who sews.


Trimming household items such as lamps, towels and throw pillows with ribbons can be fun craft ideas for ribbon and may really spruce up the look of home decor. Ribbon-trimmed guest towels can add interest to a bathroom if it is a good quality ribbon with an expensive look and doesn't fray. It is fairly easy to overdo things, however, which can result in a tacky or cheap look. Keeping colors and textures in coordination with the style of the room keeps the amount of ribbon crafts in check.

Ribbon Hangers

Pretty craft ideas for ribbon include making hangers for classic potpourri sachets. It requires only small pieces of ribbon that can be coordinated with other ribbons and materials of similar colors. Sachets can be made by using a scrap of lace, cutting it into back and front heart shapes, and sewing the lace together, leaving an opening to stuff with potpourri; once the potpourri is in place, the opening is sewed shut. A length of ribbon is folded to form the hanger by sewing the two ends to the top of the heart. An additional option is to include some ribbon roses to cover the ends of the ribbon hanger.

Ribbon Roses

Ribbon roses are usually very easy to make. Many crafters choose to practice with scraps of ribbon until they are satisfied with the finished product. Making ribbon roses is simply a matter of just taking a piece of ribbon and overlapping it in ways that make it look like a rose. The most difficult part is trying to keep the rose shape after it is formed, but pins may help hold the folds until they can be sewn closed. There is some minor sewing involved, which makes it important to use matching thread as close to the ribbon rose color as possible; it is also possible to hide the stitches in the flaps so they're not too noticeable.

Discussion Comments


I like using scraps of ribbon to tie things together, like silverware, paint brushes, or pencils and pens. It adds a little brightness and keeps things organized at the same time.


The internet is also full of fun and helpful tutorials for using ribbon to refashion clothes. Some of the best are things like turning t shirts or pullover sweaters into ribbon-trimmed cardigans, or trimming skirts and pants with ribbon to give them a new, fresh look.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower