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What are Flue Kits?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

A flue kit consists of prefabricated chimney flue pipes that are typically rolled sheet metal. These flue kits are designed to be placed inside of an existing chimney. This installation eliminates the problems associated with cracked chimney tiles. Flue kits are easy to install and come in many sizes to fit most applications.

When shopping for flue kits, make sure to buy the correct size and length for the chimney. In most cases, the flue pipe will need to be trimmed to size. This is accomplished with a quality pair of tin snips. The flue kits will often come with an elbow connection, which provides an exit from the chimney and allows the pipe to be hooked directly to the furnace. This leaves the original chimney as nothing more than a decorative piece.

Flue kits commonly come with pipes made from sheet metal.
Flue kits commonly come with pipes made from sheet metal.

Flue kits are nearly always multi-layered. This means that the pipe is composed of at least two or more pipes inside of each other with an air space between each pipe. This not only allows the pipe to remain cooler at the outer-most layer, but it optimizes the flue's ability to draw smoke up and out of the chimney. Often it is difficult to install the different layers of pipe when installing the flue kit. This is when the service of a professional chimney installer is most beneficial.

Most quality flue kits will come with a flue cap. This is a device which prevents birds and other animals or debris from entering a chimney. The caps are ornamental as well and add a certain touch of elegance to the home in many cases. An added benefit of the flue cap is that it prevents the flue from moving around inside of the chimney. The flue cap can be removed for cleaning of the flue pipe when needed.

Flue kits are not just for chimneys. There are flue kits designed to vent exhaust gasses and fumes away from a stove top or kitchen range. These flue kits are designed to work in conjunction with a range hood exhaust fan. The flue runs from the range hood through the wall and exits through the outside of the home or restaurant. An exhaust pipe vent or cap is attached to prevent rain and birds from entering the pipe as well as to direct the fumes away from the building.

The kits save time at installation and often are cost effective when compared to traditional methods of building flues. They offer a safer design in most instances than the unit that they are replacing. While the design allows many do-it-yourself customers to install the system themselves, it is recommended in most instances to have a professional installation technician install the flue.

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    • Flue kits commonly come with pipes made from sheet metal.
      By: Kybele
      Flue kits commonly come with pipes made from sheet metal.