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What Are File Cabinet Dividers?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

File cabinet dividers are accessories for file cabinets that help users to organize files and folders within these pieces of furniture. Different kinds of file cabinet dividers complement various file cabinet models. Dividers are usually thin pieces of material that will effectively hold files and folders in place, and keep them separate from each other. These items are useful for alphabetized filing or other filing methods, including the chronological method that is common in filing for many industries.

Two kinds of different file cabinet dividers for file cabinets with drawers are lateral and front to back dividers. Front to back dividers are the most common. These types fit into the file cabinet drawer parallel to the front of the drawer where files and folders are organized front to back. Lateral file dividers, by contrast, are used for wider cabinets that are not as deep. These models have broad drawers that pull out, with files and folders arranged perpendicularly to the front of the cabinet. Choosing the right size for a particular width of drawer is important for both lateral and front to back dividers.

File cabinet dividers are used to hold files and folders in place.
File cabinet dividers are used to hold files and folders in place.

Some file cabinet dividers are fixed in a cabinet or piece of furniture, while others provide for flexible filing. Flexible file dividers are often used with conventional file cabinet designs. Smaller file cabinets that are made up of individual “cubbies,” rather than a single filing drawer, may use fixed dividers. For example, file cabinets that are used as daily mail boxes, with open fronts, often use fixed dividers, especially if they are placed vertically, so that the tops of the documents stand above the edges of the dividers.

Manufacturers also make file cabinet dividers in both full sheet and angled designs. Full sheet dividers are common for cabinets that have drawers with files and folders arranged horizontally. In some of the smaller cabinets that use fixed dividers, these dividers may be manufactured with an angled design to allow better access to an individual file or folder, or to allow parts of the documents to stick out of the cabinet or holder.

File cabinet dividers are made with different features to complement various office needs. This includes helpful tabs attached to the sides of a file cabinet drawer. Some of these items will also have helpful labels that office managers can use to identify various divided parts of the drawer or cabinet. Some versions will have additional plastic or metal frames that hold them all in place within the drawer.

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    • File cabinet dividers are used to hold files and folders in place.
      By: Marc Dietrich
      File cabinet dividers are used to hold files and folders in place.