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How do I Use Tassels in Home Decor?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Tassels can be used in home decor in many different ways to accent curtains, pillows and chair pads. Depending on its material and size, a tassel may be used on the corner of a piece or in a row with others to create a fringe. Tassels may be in the same color as the item they embellish or they could be a contrasting shade.

In a kitchen or dining area, you may want to space tassels evenly apart along a curtain valance or topper to add color and interest. For a unique look, you could add a fairly large tassel to the back two edges of chair pads so they hang down. This idea not only adds an unexpected touch of style and color, but can liven up store bought chair pads. A tassel fringe can also look attractive hanging down on either end of a long dining table runner cloth.

A throw pillow with tassels on it.
A throw pillow with tassels on it.

For the best tassel look, be sure to match its thickness to the heaviness or lightness of the fabric it will accent. For example, a heavy crushed velvet pillow with corner tassels made of fine embroidery thread is likely to appear mismatched. On the other hand a tassel made from fine embroidery thread on a silk pillow would be ideal since they are both delicate in weight. Scraps of bulky yarns can be used to make a tassel suitable for thicker fabrics, such as upholstery materials or heavy drapery. Different thicknesses of tassel can be used to decorate pillows of assorted materials throughout your home.

A large, thick tassel attached to a band of cloth used to tie back heavy drapes can add detail as well as a little drama to your home decor. Alternatively, for sheer or lightweight curtains, fine tassels can be used in a row spaced far apart or sewn close together to create a solid fringe along the tie back band. Tassel tie backs can even be used for shower curtains to hold them open when they're not in use. If you have pull-up blinds or shades in your home, a tassel pattern placed on the bottom edge can often make these window coverings look more expensive and attractive.

When using tassels in your home decor, it's important to make sure the colors blend well with the item to which you're attaching them. The colors don't have to match exactly, but any tassel you attach to something should look like it belongs on the piece. If you knit or crochet blankets, pillows or throws as part of your home decor, you can make tassels out of the same yarn to embellish your crafts.

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    • A throw pillow with tassels on it.
      By: aspen rock
      A throw pillow with tassels on it.