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How do I Choose the Best Wheelbarrow Tires?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When attempting to purchase the best wheelbarrow tires, consider many factors. The wheelbarrow's use is typically one of the most important considerations. The next most important factor to consider when buying wheelbarrow tires is the type of ground on which the wheelbarrow will be used. Solid or pneumatic-type tires are both beneficial in the right circumstance and should be examined when deciding on the best wheelbarrow tires to fit your individual use. Cost is perhaps the most critical consideration for most buyers when attempting to purchase the best wheelbarrow tires for any purpose.

Wheelbarrows are used for a wide array of different tasks, from carrying light loads to tugging very heavy loads of brick, block and liquid concrete. In order to purchase the best wheelbarrow tires for a wheelbarrow slated for heavy use, identify the tire's load rating. Wheelbarrow tires that are rated too low may be easily blown out or otherwise damaged under the stress of a very heavy load. A tire that is overtaxed can also lead to worker injury if an individual struggles to control an overloaded wheelbarrow with an improperly inflated tire. Solid tires that are overloaded can also fail in the form of the rubber peeling off of the wheel or the wheel collapsing under the weight.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Any wheelbarrow that will see frequent use on sand or soft ground should have a wide, pneumatic, flotation type of tire in order to give the best performance. Narrow wheelbarrow tires will sink easily into the soft terrain and prove very difficult to move in most cases. Conversely, a wheelbarrow that will see the majority of use on hard surfaces such as concrete may be better-equipped with solid rubber tires in a narrow size. This will prove to be the most easily pushed, even with very heavy cargo.

Soft rubber wheelbarrow tires are no different than the tires on an automobile. The longest-lasting tires with the highest payload rating will commonly cost more than a lesser ply tire with a lighter payload rating. The same holds true with solid rubber tires. The top-of-the-line solid wheelbarrow tires are constructed from a better grade of rubber and are typically bonded or molded onto the wheel much better than a less expensive tire. For the typical homeowner, the middle-of-the-road pneumatic style of tire will give the best all-around performance in a variety of uses.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass