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How do I Choose the Best Vinyl Flooring?

Selecting the best vinyl flooring involves considering durability, style, and installation ease. Opt for a thickness that suits high-traffic areas and a design that complements your space. Click-lock planks offer a DIY-friendly option. Remember, the right choice blends functionality with aesthetics. Wondering how to match vinyl flooring with your home's vibe? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

If you want to choose the best vinyl flooring to meet your needs and wants for a floor in your home, it's important to understand the characteristics of this type of floor covering. For example, unlike many other flooring types, vinyl is padded. This quality is good in that it adds some comfort to the feet and helps keep dropped dishes from breaking as easily. However, the same quality can also cause dents to show in the floor when something is dropped on it. A good solution to this is to choose patterned vinyl flooring rather than a plain color so that any dents won't be as noticeable.

Another consideration to think about is whether vinyl sheets or tiles would be the better choice. Many people opt for vinyl flooring tiles. Sheets of vinyl floor covering often cost more and may be best installed by a professional floor installer as they are known to be difficult to handle. However, vinyl floor sheets may also be more durable than the tiles and not all vinyl flooring tiles have the same installation characteristics.

Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles.
Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles.

For example, some types of vinyl floor tiles require an adhesive to be placed on the floor before adding the tile. Since the tiles may be difficult to remove, this flooring type wouldn't be the best choice for a temporary floor meant to be removed in a few years, such as to replace it with a wood, stone or ceramic floor. Other types of vinyl flooring tiles that are easier to remove have a backing that peels off before the tile is placed on a smooth, clean surface.

Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a wet mop.
Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a wet mop.

The best looking types of vinyl floor tiles tend to be neutral colored since vinyl is generally an inexpensive flooring option and bright colors may look cheap or unsophisticated. Textured vinyl can look sophisticated, but keep in mind that tiles with grooved or dimpled textures may be difficult to clean as dirt tends to build up in indented designs. Smooth vinyl floors may be easily cleaned with a hand-held sponge mop rather than using a hands and knees scrubbing approach.

Vinyl flooring might be a great choice for a modern bathroom.
Vinyl flooring might be a great choice for a modern bathroom.

There are three main types of finishes available on vinyl floor covering. Basic no-wax vinyl flooring usually needs regular washing and occasional polishing in order for it to look its best. Urethane-coated vinyl floor tiles and sheets are designed to be resistant to heel marks, stains and scrapes. The type of vinyl flooring coated with what is known as enhanced urethane is made to resist dirt build-up and stains. It needs less washing than the other types, as sweeping and some mopping usually work well enough to maintain it.

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Discussion Comments


I once lived in a house with vinyl plank flooring, and I think that the article is really right in advising people to keep it neutral.

There is nothing worse than a really obnoxious, busy, bright pattern on your floor all the time -- it ends up looking like one of those hotel carpets that are especially designed not to show stains.

So go easy when choosing your vinyl pattern -- if it looks like it could belong on a muumuu, then you should probably pass it by.


@closerfan12 -- I haven't been through the installation process, but I've lived in a house that had vinyl laminate flooring, and I didn't have any complaints.

I think it was Mannington or Amtico vinyl flooring brand, or something like that.

As long as you're not expecting a look like you'd get with teak flooring or something, vinyl can be good. I never had any complaints -- nice, serviceable, easy to clean.


I had considered installing vinyl flooring in my house, but I'm getting kind of leery about it after seeing all the brassy advertisements for discount vinyl flooring.

Has anybody gone through the vinyl flooring installation process before, and can you tell me if it's worth it?

Thank you -- closerfan12

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    • Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles.
      By: Claudio Divizia
      Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles.
    • Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a wet mop.
      By: arenaphotouk
      Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a wet mop.
    • Vinyl flooring might be a great choice for a modern bathroom.
      By: ostap25
      Vinyl flooring might be a great choice for a modern bathroom.