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How Do I Choose the Best Fishing Decor?

Selecting the best fishing decor involves marrying your personal style with the authentic feel of the angling world. Consider the space's function, color scheme, and the types of fish or fishing scenes that resonate with you. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. What elements will make your space a true reflection of your passion for fishing? Continue exploring with us.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Choosing the best fishing decor is easier with planning. The first step is identifying the atmosphere you are hoping to capture, whether it be lake fishing, fly fishing or big-game fishing. Select a larger or unusual item, such as a canoe, fish tank or small row boat, to serve as your room's focal point. Fishing decor such as nets, oars and fishing poles can help complete the desired look.

Fishing nets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a versatile fishing decor component. Choose fabric nets that can be gathered and hung from the ceiling. They can also be spread across a wall to serve as a backdrop for other fishing memorabilia. Over-sized bobbers, lures and carved wooden fish can be displayed "tangled" in the netting. Choose assorted sizes of hoop fishing nets that can be grouped in a fish-shaped vase on the floor, or be hung on the wall.

Fishing hats may be a part of fishing decor.
Fishing hats may be a part of fishing decor.

Choose fishing poles to display that either have meaning to you, such as a pole handed down from a father or grandfather, or that are selected purely for their aesthetics. Depending on the intended effect of your fishing decor, choose poles of varying or similar lengths, and with contrasting or complementary colors. If you intend to use the pole at some point, be sure not to harm it during the display process. Poles can be hung individually or in groups, or simply leaned against a wall.

Fishing decor might include a mounted prize catch.
Fishing decor might include a mounted prize catch.

Select vintage fishing items, such as old tin bait buckets, minnow traps and sinker tins, in order to create a unique display. Smaller items can be grouped in a shadow box. Old wooden lures come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, including wood. The lures also typically feature sharp hooks, so it is best to either remove the hooks or cover their ends if children or pets can access the lures. Old fishing store displays and signs can also help create a unique look.

Fly fishing decor can include poles, flies and reels that are unique to the sport. Another popular decorating item is a fishing creel, which is basically a basket worn during fishing where the day's catch is temporarily kept. Original and reproduction creels are available, with the reproductions often priced more reasonably. Waders and hip boots are also worn for fly fishing, and new or used ones can be used for fishing decor. Select fly fishing vests, fly tins and wide-brimmed hats to complete the look.

Fishing decor for bedrooms includes sheet sets, comforters and quilts. Fish-themed rugs, light switch plates and night lights are also available. There are also wood headboards with carved fish available, and drawer knobs and pulls featuring fish. Fishing decor accent pieces, such as fish statues, decorative plates and etched mirrors, are also available.

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    • Fishing hats may be a part of fishing decor.
      By: akulamatiau
      Fishing hats may be a part of fishing decor.
    • Fishing decor might include a mounted prize catch.
      Fishing decor might include a mounted prize catch.