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How Do I Choose the Best Dresser Knobs?

Selecting the perfect dresser knobs involves considering both functionality and style. Aim for a comfortable grip and durable material that complements your room's decor. Think about the finish—will brass, chrome, or ceramic enhance your space? Remember, the right knobs can transform a simple dresser into a statement piece. How will you reflect your personal taste in your choice?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best dresser knobs for drawers can be made easier if you have the correct measurement. The metal stem part of the knob needs to be the right diameter to fit in the drilled hole on the dresser drawer front. Also consider the size of the base of the dresser knob, especially if you're replacing old knobs and indents or noticeable ring marks are left on the furniture. The style of dresser knobs should not only suit the chest of drawers, but also your overall decor scheme.

For instance, classic metal plate dresser pieces that feature thin, movable handles to pull drawers open with look best with traditional interior design. Decide whether antique or bright metal dresser knobs of this type would work best if you like this kind of look. If your home decor style is contemporary or modern, a smooth type of base plate with clean lines rather than scalloped or irregular edges in a silver colored metal is usually a better option. An advantage of choosing the type of dresser knob or handle that sits on a decorative metal plate is that these typically cover old marks or indentations left by the old bureau knobs.

Dresser knobs should suit the overall decor scheme of a room.
Dresser knobs should suit the overall decor scheme of a room.

The smaller or less noticeable the imprint of the former dresser knobs, the smaller a base section you can choose. Some globe shaped bureau knobs have no base at all, but are attached only to a threaded length of metal meant to be placed through the hole of the dresser front and be held in place on the other side with a fastener. The only problem with this type of design is that it tends to be used mainly for smaller sized bureau knobs. They are usually supportive enough for smaller sized drawers. If your bureau drawers are heavy or large, you may need a dresser knob design with a sturdy base section.

For a baby or child's room, consider choosing fun bureau drawer knobs in a colorful design that suits the room's theme. There are many different options sold today that include animal, flower, sports and many other motifs. For other rooms in your home, consider the colors and materials that would coordinate well with your decor. While metal and wood dresser knobs are the most common, you may also want to consider more unusual choices to add design flair, such as hand-painted ceramic or transparent acrylic.

When shopping for new knobs for a chest of drawers in person at home improvement stores, it's best to take the old fixtures with you to look for the same backing size. If you're ordering dresser knobs online, be sure to check the measurements first. Also consider price when shopping for new bureau knobs since they vary widely in cost.

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    • Dresser knobs should suit the overall decor scheme of a room.
      Dresser knobs should suit the overall decor scheme of a room.