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How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Kettle?

Selecting the best affordable kettle involves balancing cost with functionality. Look for durable materials, safety features like automatic shut-off, and a comfortable handle. Consider energy efficiency to save on bills. Capacity and speed of boiling are also key. What's your priority in a kettle? Discover how to find the perfect blend of price and performance in our comprehensive guide.
M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet

If you are on a budget or drink hot beverages only on occasion, you may not wish to spend a large amount of money on a kettle. Luckily, there is a wide variety of cheap kettle options. In order to find the best cheap kettle for you, begin by deciding whether you would like a stovetop or electric model. If you wish to purchase a stovetop model, think about your preferred kettle size and material, and consider whether you would like your kettle to have any special features. Should you prefer an electric model, you must also decide upon your preferred size, material, and special features.

Before you begin shopping for a cheap kettle, you should decide whether you prefer a stovetop or electric model. You may find that within the budget category, there are more stovetop options available than electric ones. Additionally, many stovetop kettles have a classic shape and can be found in many colors, which may give them a decorative edge over electric models. Keep in mind, however, that electric kettles tend to boil water significantly faster than stovetop ones. Therefore, the greater initial investment that might be required when purchasing an electric kettle may translate to long-term savings on your electricity or gas bill.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Should you prefer a stovetop kettle, consider which size would best suit your needs. Generally, large models can accommodate around 8 cups (1.89 liters) of liquid, while smaller models may have only half as much volume. Even though a smaller model may be cheaper than a larger one, it may not be practical if you have a large family or tend to use significant amounts of hot water.

Additionally, you should consider what kind of material you prefer for your stovetop kettle. While stovetop kettles can be made from a number of materials, including copper, porcelain, glass, and stainless steel, keep in mind that stainless steel models tend to be the most affordable. Before you start searching for your cheap kettle, you should also think about whether you want any special features, such as a spout that whistles when the liquid in the kettle begins to boil.

If you have established that you would prefer an electric kettle, begin your selection process by determining which size is best. The largest electric kettles usually hold just over 7 cups (1.7 liters) of liquid, while the smallest models may hold as little as 2 cups (approximately 473 ml). As with stovetop models, when choosing an electric kettle size you should consider how frequently the kettle is likely to be used.

Prior to purchasing your cheap electric kettle, you should also consider which kettle material is best. Electric models are most often made from plastic or stainless steel. While plastic models may be more affordable than steel ones, keep in mind that they may be less durable. Finally, you should also decide whether you would like your electric kettle to have any special features. Many find that the most useful electric kettle special feature is an automatic shutoff function which cuts the unit’s power once the water inside it has begun to boil, thus preventing it from boiling dry.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book