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How do I Choose the Best Camper Curtains?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing curtains for your camper, cotton with an allover pattern tends to stay clean looking while still remaining easy to wash at a campground laundromat. Rather than light or dark colored fabric, a medium shade tends to hide dirt and lint the best. For maximum privacy, look for camper curtains that don't leave a gap in the center when they're closed. Curtains with matching tie backs can look especially stylish plus allow sunlight into the camper, trailer, motor home or other recreational vehicle (RV) during the day.

While solid colors can be used for curtains in all types of campers, choosing an attractive pattern can make the small space seem cheerier. The colors in the camper curtains should coordinate with those in the rest of the space. If a color scheme of up to three main colors is kept, different patterns of curtains may look fine on the camper's windows. In general though, it's usually best to use the same curtain material for all of the windows in such a small living space.

Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.
Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.

Camper curtains should be easy to open and close; the tie backs should be simple to handle. Some windows in RVs may be awkward to reach and opening and closing the curtains shouldn't be frustrating. Look for a curtain style that will glide easily over the rod both for closing and opening. The length of curtains for a camper should be longer than the bottom edge of the window, but not long enough to drag onto a table or other furniture in the RV. Tie backs should firmly keep the curtains in place during travel.

Look for RV curtain styles made from pre-washed fabric to avoid shrinking them during laundering. Allover patterns on camper curtains may not only look more pleasing to the eye than solids, but any wrinkles are less likely to show. Window coverings with an allover texture to them as well as a pattern tend to look the most wrinkle-free. If you prefer a pleated style of curtain to give your RV a pulled together look, make sure the material will hold its shape after being washed. Some pleated camper curtains may need ironing or steaming to look their best after being laundered.

As an alternative to side opening and closing curtains for your RV, you may want to consider Roman shades or fabric-covered roll-up blinds. These options still allow attractive patterned fabric to dress the camper's windows, yet rather than having to slide them open and closed, a string attached to a pulley mechanism makes operating them easier. Roman shade or roll-up blinds are available in straight-lined and more romantic, scalloped-edge styles so you can pick the best look for your RV.

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    • Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.
      By: Greg Pickens
      Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.